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by Crosspeice

Part 177: POKEDEX #111: Rhyhorn

HP:80 Atk:85 Def:95 Spd:25 Spc:30 Total:315

It's pretty obvious what this thing can do. High HP, Attack and Defense, low Speed and Special. And it works just fine, really. Since we're not gonna see it for a bit, its movepool won't be too amazing to start off with, but with some love and some TMs, this thing will wreck quite handily, getting good STAB. Aaaand some Special moves. Never, ever use those on it, even though you'll have slots free, since all you have is Normal and STAB moves. Make sure it has nothing to do with Special whatsoever, both in offense and defense, because it's rubbish at both (funnily enough).