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Part 178: POKEDEX #112: Rhydon

HP:105 Atk:130 Def:120 Spd:40 Spc:45 Total:440

This is a real don. You might be surprised to hear just how good Rhydon was, but it was. It basically shut down a lot of Normal types and kept the terror of Zapdos at bay. And no surprise, with great stats like those. Well, nearly. Of course it's slow as crap and has pitiful, pitiful Special. But it doesn't really need it, just come in, take some hits, then smack back with some real good STAB. Well, nearly. It has nothing but Normal moves to learn, so it needs those delicious TMs. And this is a real good choice, so it's not all bad. And then for whatever stupid reason it can learn a billion other TMs that it could never ever use. Yes, even Surf, even back then. This Pokemon has always had a wild time.