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Part 187: POKEDEX #121: Starmie

HP:60 Atk:75 Def:85 Spd:115 Spc:100 Total:435

Now we're moving into the big leagues. We're only facing Starmie this early because otherwise it would annihilate us. Look at these amazing stats of both blistering Speed and scary Special. This is one of the best Pokemon in the game due to that as well as its ridiculous moveset. Even worse, both its types are really, really good and have plenty of strong, deadly moves. Okay, it's a stone evolution, so it doesn't learn anything, but it learns all the good TMs to give it tons of coverage to rip apart anything in its way. It has exactly what it needs to succeed and that's precisely what it does. If you feel like keeping Staryu around you can get Hydro Pump or Recover, but Surf and blasting fools will probably be just fine.