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by Crosspeice

Part 189: POKEDEX #123: Scyther

HP:70 Atk:110 Def:80 Spd:105 Spc:55 Total:420

It slices, it dices, it... has good stats, actually. Very nice Attack and Speed and pretty good Defenses too. I mean, if you ignore all the weaknesses and that bad Special, so Fire, Ice and Electric really end it fast. And it has a baaaaaaad movepool, where it didn't even learn a STAB move until Yellow. And not til level 50. And it's bloody Wing Attack. Ugh, just stick with Swords Dance and Slash. Because those are the only good moves it really learns. So from first glance, this Pokemon looks good, but unfortunately, it got cursed by Game Freak because ??? for quite a few years. Oh well. That RB sprite is fantastic though, one of my favorites.