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Part 19: Route Route's Routes

Just before we head off for FUN adventure, let's trade.

Yeah, it's wonderful. Let's move!

Oh yeah, we also evolve stuff, no time, this update's long enough!

Maybe he'll have something more useful than an Itemfinder.

: If you caught 50 kinds of POKEMON, I'm supposed to give you an EXP.ALL!

Pfft, easy.

: Great! You have caught 85 kinds of POKEMON! Congratulations! Here you go!

: EXP.ALL gives EXP points to all the POKEMON with you, even if they don't fight.

: It does, however, reduce the amount of EXP for each POKEMON.

: If you don't need it, you should store it via PC.

"toward the sea."

Woah, spoilers man.

A, uh, lonely island. Heh. Heheheh.

Let's head out onto Route 15 and test this new item out.

Your lead gains half the exp the defeated Pokemon gives out.

"49 EXP. Points!"

The remaining half is then split between your entire team.

Every single team member.

And it happens every time you beat a Pokemon.

One down...

So yeah, we do NOT need this. It's a terrible item that doesn't even deserve its PC spot.


Will other birds come if I whistle? I hope so.

#083: Farfetch'd

Indeed, the idea of you winning is as likely as a bird with a leek in its mouth.

"good, aren't you?"

Who's up for fried pidgeon?

I punched a bird in the face.

That's what the Rock moves are for.

"got in a trade!"





How many Meowth do you own?

Me neither, so I think I know what to do.


So there's still a number of trainers left. Like a LOT. Doing them one by one like this is going to take forever. There's a reason why this update took a while, because I just went ehhhhhhhhhhhh and lost motivation. Not burning out, just looking at 384 images and not really wanting to sift through them all. So I'll just edit this shit further, otherwise I'll go (even more) insane.

Well that was fun. We're done with Route 15. Apart from...

One last trainer.

Metronome (Yubi o Furu: Wag Finger) is a very interesting move. It randomly selects any move in the entire game. Except for Struggle. Here, it selected Dizzy Punch (Piyo Piyo Panchi: Chirp Chirp Punch), a pretty strong Normal move exclusive to Kangaskhan, who has better options. It doesn't have a chance to inflict Confusion, not in this gen.

Oh really, me too! Heh. I'm lying...

And this is our reward. Why are there some many bad TMs???

Oh yeah, still loads of trainers left. Skiiiiiiip.

Battling low leveled crap where they introduce nothing new is a bigger drag.

The grass contains the same encounters as the last route. And the water does have fishing encounters programmed... you just can't reach them.


I have all the HMs. Go me.

So we have this maze. It's another place full of trainers who have nothing interesting about them. I mean sure, my Pokemon are getting levels, but I'm about 30 minutes into recording and I'm just pressing 'A' again and again. This is a real low point of the game.

Also the people in this maze are just rude as heck. It's not particularly challenging to get through though.

Go in a kinda spiral pattern, going clockwise and snag one hidden item.

Then two, two hidden items. Ah, ah, ah!

Miss, I am 11. So yes.

Anyway, we're cutting through to this grass because there's a new encounter here.

Surprise, it's that thing we saw earlier. Since you can't get it via trade, you can find it here instead. Cool.

My co-commentator gets one free nickname.

Oh yeah, Swords Dance (Tsurugi no Mai) raises Attack by 2 stages. It's good, but physical attackers tend to rely on Slash crits, which ignore positive boosts. It'll get better.

Now it's onward to Route 13 and Silence Bridge.


Oh, something new to talk about. Wing Attack (Tsubasa de Utsu: Wing Strike) is a pretty good- 35BP? Whaaaaaat? That's as powerful as Peck. It becomes better next gen. Man, I need to stop saying that.

Encounters are the same as the last route.


Nooooo let me get the item.

Though this does give me a good chance to actually talk about Magikarp. It's bad, obviously and it learns 2 moves. Tackle and, of course, Splash (Haneru: Hop). It's Japanese name explains why other Pokemon that aren't Water types can learn Splash. Magikarp is also not the weakest Pokemon, as far as base stats. Caterpie, Metapod, Weedle and Kakuna are all weaker than it and are about as useful. Magikarp only sucks because of its terrible 10 Attack. It'll get better. Eventually.

"they're so weak!"

You need a good rod for that, or even a super one.


Let's have a breather from battles.

Give me the good stuff.

: Fishing is a way of life! From the seas to rivers, go out and land the big one!

Let's see what we get.

That'll do nicely.

Let's see what else there is.

#117: Seadra

It's a cheeky little git, using this Smokescreen (Enmaku) to lower my accuracy by one stage. Pah, I say. Pah!

Easy enough. Well, with enough Ultra Balls, it's inevitable.

Still love this. Oh yeah, it's our last team member. It's perfect, exactly when I need it at just the right level. But because we caught Daffy, it's gone to the box. Eh, we won't need it for the moment.

At least there's not many trainers left.

#101: Electrode

That's just rude and something I haven't been doing all game.

And hey, we're back here again. Time to move this great lug.

Same as before. Good thing I kept the Poke Flute around.

But since we already caught one, we don't need another.

Maybe we'll see it again. To Vermilion!

Here's our final team member. It has some horrible moves. Let's fix that.

Some cool TMs taught. Now let's head back.

Now with a Super Rod, Good Rod and Surf, we can head to previous routes and catch all manners of Pokemon. We'll be doing that a couple updates from now.

But hey, while we're here...

From the highest Speed, to the lowest. It's like poetry.

Now north of the Snorlax is where we could have gone after Lavender Town, but we're here now, so it's fine. ALRIGHT?

This does mean their Pokemon are in the low 20s, but I've just cut down swathes of high 20s crap. So I barely notice.

Before, items like this taunted me, BUT NO MORE.

Anyway, we've finally made it. Free at last.


: You can have this TM. I don't need it anymore...

: TM39 is a move called SWIFT. It's very accurate, so use it during battles you can't afford to lose.

Swift (Supīdo Sutā: Speed Star) completely ignores the accuracy check, meaning it'll always hit. It's an okay move and Aquamemnon will get it because... might as well? Whatever, let's look through some binoculars.


And we've gone through four routes, around thirty trainers, to arrive at depression city. So let's head to... that place.