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Part 190: POKEDEX #124: Jynx

HP:65 Atk:50 Def:35 Spd95 Spc:95 Total:340

Hey, you guys up for a controversy? No? Thank fuck. Dumb racial stuff aside that I couldn't care less about (and therefore care so much that I have buttsalt and shit. Level 5 irony, sure), Jynx is... okay. Ish??? I mean, a combination of Psychic and Ice is pretty good and it gets the moves it needs, so it can do some serious damage. Like, it's a Psychic type, so that's already a massive boon. Then it's an Ice type, which is also really good, since when combined with Psychic, you avoid the Fighting weakness, because goddamn that is some bad Defense. So it doesn't really matter, you'll take a load of damage regardless. So, go in, do damage, get out/die. It's the only way to go. Hell, it's the most entertaining way.