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by Crosspeice

Part 194: POKEDEX #128: Tauros

HP:75 Atk:100 Def:95 Spd:110 Spc:70 Total:450

Another rare one that's hard to catch means it's also very good. You cannot go wrong with those stats, it's pretty good in all areas and it's very specialized for one thing: crit Hyper Beams. With a 43% crit chance, you're going to kill something very easily and not a lot can outspeed, so it can just pick stuff off and never need to recharge. Of course it has a rubbish level-up movepool, so give it the TMs it needs and hoo boy it will shine. And it gets a nice amount of coverage, so you'll destroy something at least. Due to its alright Special, it could surprise something with a super effective Ice/Electric/Fire attack and if it crits, the foe's good as dead. But it is a 40/60 chance, more or less, so don't rely on it, but you can at least take a couple hits if things go south. Overall, thumbs up. Again, if you can catch the damn thing.