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Part 196: POKEDEX #130: Gyarados

HP:95 Atk:125 Def:79 Spd:81 Spc:100 Total:480

And here we are. You've painstakingly raised your useless fish and you're rewarded with an amazing Pokemon. This gets everything it needs to be useful, with really amazing TMs and great attacking stats that can really lay in the pain. It gets an alright level up movepool, though the good stuff is right at the end. And despite having an amazing Attack, it can't really use it all too much, with a smattering of good moves. However, it makes up for that with a nearly amazing Special, combined with all kinds of moves it can learn. Its Flying type does nothing other than help it lessen Fighting and Grass damage. And the high Special doesn't really stop all the damage from Electric moves. So why isn't this Water/Dragon? Because then it would have no weakness, especially in a game with no STAB Dragon moves. So thankfully it is Water/Flying, otherwise we'd be in a bit of trouble.