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Part 198: POKEDEX #132: Ditto

HP:48 Atk:48 Def:48 Spd:48 Spc:48 Total:240

Oh, uh, you sure? I mean, I guess I could talk about this puddle of smiling goo. Firstly, just ignore basically everything about it, the stats don't matter and its movepool don't matter, since all it can use is Transform. No, the main gimmick to this Pokemon is bree- oh. Oh wait. Uh, yeah, in this gen it was pretty useless. But it could still be effective, you just had to make sure you used Transform on a really good Pokemon. But in a lot of those cases, a mirror match isn't a lot of fun. And you might be unfamiliar with whatever strategy the opponent is working with. It's good for scouting I suppose, but during the main game, you really don't have anything to worry about. Because you're not using it.