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by Crosspeice

Part 199: POKEDEX #133: Eevee

HP:55 Atk:55 Def:50 Spd:55 Spc:65 Total:280


Ahem. Eevee is a pretty basic Pokemon that has its claim to fame of being able to evolve into 83 different Pokemon, which in Gen 1, was quite a feat. But as you can tell from its stats, it's average in more or less every aspect, with things changing once it evolves, into either an Electric, Fire or Water type. However, it doesn't really help towards that, every single level up move it has is Normal, which isn't helpful for its Eeveelutions. So, best thing to do is to just shove a stone in its face and get the actual good Pokemon. There's not much point to keeping it as is, unless you really like it.

Also bit weird why Special is its highest stat, since it learns no Special moves at all, but means there's less of a jump for some of its Eeveelutions. Still, these games are weird.