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Part 20: Eleven Floors of Silph Co.

We're about to enter into Silph Co. This will be a long one. But first, since Vegeta is past level 36, let's evolve the other two starters. Here.

#006: Charizard

#009: Blastoise

The first floor has nothing on it, aside from an empty reception area and a massive fountain that we can't Surf or fish in, so what's the point, really?

This is a huge place with eleven floors, so to get the most out of the place, we head to the fifth floor first.

Go around to the bottom middle and let's go on a teleporting journey.

And then head right back since we need to fight our first Rocket!

As well as Aquamemnon's debut. Should be a quick battle.

The cool animations will make this slog go faster. W-Well, aside from turning them off. But that's no fun.


This is my... sixth time facing against the Rockets. I think I'll be alright.

Moving along, we have a very useful item, which allows us to...

...access all areas. Now we can finish up here if we really wanted to. Like I really want to. But I won't. Because I'm fucking insane.

We'll explore this floor later, but first, to the tenth floor!

"you to join me!"

The bottom left is where I want to go first, so it makes the rest of the area a bit easier for one of our team.

Swift will be used to finish stuff off. PP conservation will be pretty useful here.

"one more floor!"

So close, yet so far.

Nice haul.

Earthquake (Jishin) is hands down one of the best moves in the series. A powerful accurate move that cannot hit Flying types. Well, big deal, just use Rock Slide instead. I'm not replacing Bone Club, so mr skeltal has more attacks and thus more PP.

Yes, let's turn them off and actually contribute to society!

There's nothing else to this floor though. I believe this and the next floor are the smallest to match certain tower designs.

"with my BOSS?

Do you know who I am?

It's the Aquamemnon power hour as it catches up to the rest of my team.

There's not much on that floor either, that we can currently access, so, to make things slightly less tedious, we'll be clearing this place from the top down. So welcome to 9F.

Like with the previous update, we'll be skipping past most trainers unless something interesting happens.

Pfft, nerd.

#042: Golbat

Aside from boss battles, this will be our only new Pokemon we'll see. Seriously. The rest of the Rockets have the same old shit we've seen before. And will see again.

They will henceforth be fodder. Experience gaining, aw yeah.

"quick nap!"

This is where you can heal, if need be. We'll do it the once, but I know we'll be fine.

And we'll move on.

Seismic Toss has always looked cool.

Oh yeah, Hypnosis (Saimin Jutsu) has an okay chance of sending the opponent to sleep. It's basically a coin flip.

Nothing else that way, so let's head to 8F.

That's two down.




Well next floor then.

"repay the favor!"


Let's head left first.

Not with that attitude!

I'm sorry, I'm trying to pay attention, but I just have this urge to punch something. I dunno why.

That seems, uh, pretty ridiculously easy to misuse. I'm not sure why you're surprised about being invaded.

Curses! You took advantage of my good nature.

Well let's just move on then.

Ooh, very nice, maybe I'll give it to mr-

Aw man.

Aw man!

What a welcome to the sixth floor.

"avenge me!"

I'm sure.

Ma'am, you are not helping matters. But also maybe a grow a pair mate.

Maybe they caught wind of your ball that captures any Pokemon WITHOUT FAIL.


Don't you guys have any security? Where's the police? Can they not get through the gate?

No not that way.

Ooh, I'll take that.

And that.

: He shouldn't have sent me to the TIKSI BRANCH!

...I don't know that Pokemon.

"no man's land!"

Tiksi is a town in Northern Russia, right on shore of the Laptev Sea. The Japanese versions has him talk about a branch in Ponaya Tunguska, the shortened name of Podkemennaya Tunguska, a village in central Russia.

That's all though, so let's head on to 5F.

I would do that... IF I HAD ONE.

"by link-cable."

Pfft, just trade by yourself via GTS. Much easier.

"been confirmed."

"For some strange reason 84 of them are Normal. Cause has yet to be determined."

"There have been at least ten boob mods by amateurs programmers."

"children here!"

No, it can't be.

Even the children entertainers have turned evil!

"special attacks!"

Light Screen (Hikari no Kabe: Light Wall) is the Special version of Reflect, so your Special doubles when an opponent hits you with a Special move. However you won't be able to use this to hit back with double Special. Also, critical hits ignore these buffs.

"to my BOSS!"

You're like a clown, sad on the inside.

I've been breaking all the lights for points.

I wonder if we'll ever reach the Stat Exp. cap? Considering we're still not even halfway there yet, no.

Hmm, maybe someone on my team could have this, but I'm basically set for movesets, bar a couple replacements.

Bulbapedia says this item is west of the Juggler, which is technically right, but it'd be easier to say second plant from the Scientist. Whatever, there's only two hidden items in this place anyway.

Fourth floor!

Not if I tell him first.

Not much to this floor...

Ah, here we are.

Try and hide items from me, will ya?

Oh, sorry. Thanks for the free shit though.

Would they die for you?

Apparently yes.

Nothing else left so let's head to the

second floor. We'll do the third floor in a moment.

You're not the boss of me now.



: Oh, you're not with TEAM ROCKET. I thought... I'm sorry. Here, please take this!

: TM36 is SELFDESTRUCT! It's powerful, but the POKEMON that uses it faints! Be careful.

Oh boy, let's see what fun we can have with

Oh. Damn.

Well there's nothing else here, so up to the next floor.

If you're speeding through this place (which I've done plenty of times, because fuck doing all this when my starter is like level 50), then this is one of the few Rockets you'll face.

Nothing here on the bottom.

Got something here though.

But yeah, that's it, we're done.

Teleport time!

Here we go.

: Hahaha! I thought you'd turn up if I waited here! I guess TEAM ROCKET slowed you down!

: Not that I care! I saw you in SAFFRON, so I decided to see if you got better!

Our rival has improved a lot, but unfortunately for him, so have I.


#038: Ninetales

One weird quirk about the AI is that it sends out their team in a set order, no matter what. Gen 1, everyone.

So yeah.

#091: Cloyster

I could maybe see what these guys do, but at this point, I was 45 minutes into recording and I just didn't care.

So this seems to be what he replaced his Fearow with. Now he has no way of quickly Flying from place to place. Clever.

And his Eevee evolved into Jolteon! We'll be going more into this in a moment.

Goddammit. Well, uh, I guess I could let his starter show some stuff off.

Like that. Yeah, totally planned. Pin Missile (Misairu Bari: Missile Needle) is yet another bad Nor- er, BUG multi-hit move. It has an overall power of 42, but the only Bug that can learn it has a better option. And Jolteon can learn it, but has garbage Attack, so just stick to zappin fools.

So yeah, showing time's over.


Now that you're done blocking me, yes I am.

: By checking my POKEDEX, I'm starting to see what's strong and how they evolve!

: I'm going to the POKEMON LEAGUE to boot out the ELITE FOUR! I'll become the world's most powerful trainer!

: SATOSHI, well good luck to you! Don't sweat it! Smell ya!

He's patronizing me...

: I want you to have this POKEMON for saving us.

"BOX 4 on PC!"

Man, I wish later games did that.

: It's LAPRAS. It's very intelligent. We kept it in our lab, but it will be much better off with you!

: I think you will be a good trainer for LAPRAS! It's a good swimmer. It'll give you a lift!

#131: Lapras

Wow, these monsters kept it contained in a lab. Well now it's safe in eternal cyberspace. Yeah.

We've made it to the top. For real this time.

Oh goddammit.

: Our BOSS is in a meeting!

: You better not disturb him!

Yeah yeah, thanks for being necessary to the plot, as always.

"of light!"

: Again...


: The PRESIDENT and I are discussing a vital business proposition. Keep your nose out of grown-up matters...

: or, experience a world of pain!

He's gonna pop a bullet in my kneecaps for crossing him, isn't he?

This shouldn't be a tough fight if you've gotten past your rival.

Sure don't attack me, great plan.

Man, getting to 55 minutes and I want this to end.

At least this has more than just Horn Attack. Not that it helps.

#031: Nidoqueen

Maybe next time it'll have something more interesting.

"plans for SILPH!"

: But TEAM ROCKET will never fail! Never forget that all POKEMON exist for TEAM ROCKET!

: I must go, but I shall return!

What a drama queen.


: I will never forget you saved us in our moment of peril! I have to thank you in some way!

: Because I am rich, I can give you anything! Here maybe this will do!


Give me the thing!

: You can't buy that anywhere! It's our secret prototype MASTER BALL! It will catch any POKEMON without fail!

: You should be quiet about using it, though.

"all of us!"

: We admire your courage.

And there we go, we're done with the entirety of Silph Co.

Smell ya!