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by Crosspeice

Part 200: POKEDEX #134: Vaporeon

HP:130 Atk:65 Def:60 Spd:65 Spc:110 Total:430

So what do you evolve your Eevee into? Well, you've arguably made the right choice. That's mainly because Water is very good and always has been, so it's not much of a contest. But in this gen, all the Eeveelutions are pretty similar, so you'll be alright with whatever you choose. What sets them apart is their type and what stat they have 130 in. And HP isn't really the best choice, since Defenses aren't great and everything else is mediocre, but 110 Special for a Water type is pretty damn good, so you'll be able to use Water and Ice moves of course, but there's not much else, not with that Attack stat. The Eeveelutions also have a few changes to their movepool in Yellow to make them not terrible and it kinda works, it gets Aurora Beam early, but you can just use Ice Beam. So not great, but you'll have the TMs to improve.