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by Crosspeice

Part 203: POKEDEX #137: Porygon

HP:65 Atk:60 Def:70 Spd:40 Spc:75 Total:310

So you got the most coins possible (except for Blue and Jap Blue, bastards) and this is your reward? Pfft, what a joke. Oh yeah, there are some gimmick Pokemon and this is one of them. It's mediocre in more or less every aspect, though it does learn some interesting moves. It also learns plenty of moves for its Special stat, but it's probably worth sticking with STAB Normal moves. But if you use Conversion in interesting ways, then you might be able to do something. With those bad stats. So never mind. It'll be using Tackle for a while until you learn Tri Attack at level 42, so just use TMs, geez. You can also use Psybeam, so it's not all bad! (It is)