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Part 206: POKEDEX #140: Kabuto

HP:30 Atk:80 Def:90 Spd:55 Spc:45 Total:300

Alright, just before the seventh badge, we finally get our fossil. And it's... ehhhhhh. It's not all bad, that's a pretty good Attack and Defense stat, but you don't really get much to use it on, aside from the endless Normal moves. It's not exactly slow, but not very fast either and you cannot use your Water STAB with Special like that. And you won't survive a lot with that HP stat. You're getting this pretty late in the game and it really doesn't compare that well, especially to the surfer you used to get here. You've also got to wait a bit before you even think about Rock STAB. So right now, it's not very impressive.

It also just misses out on forever critting with Slash. Nice one.