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Part 208: POKEDEX #142: Aerodactyl

HP:80 Atk:105 Def:65 Spd:130 Spc:60 Total:440

Oh. Oh dear. It's just not going well for any of you, is it? Sure, look at that blistering Speed and that impressive Attack. Now why can't we use any of it? Firstly, no Rock STAB. Again. It's definitely strange that the one Rock TM can't be learned by a number of physical Rock types, but whatever, at least we've still got Flying STAB. Well, you don't get Drill Peck, so that's not a very good thing. Sky Attack will have to do for now. You do learn a number of good Normal moves. Even through level up! So it's not all bad. But my word, it could be so, so much better.