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by Crosspeice

Part 209: POKEDEX #143: Snorlax

HP:160 Atk:110 Def:65 Spd:30 Spc:65 Total:430

As expected from a large, slow Normal type, it has very good HP and Attack, with very low Speed and mediocre everything else. So, it's large HP doesn't help it much when the defenses don't match up, but due to the high Attack, this thing is pretty good. And for a rarity, it even has a really impressive movepool, with only one of its level up moves being rubbish. And it learns 37 TMs and HMs. That's stupidly good, so you'll have no troubles finding a good moveset for it. However, since it learns Amnesia, it can double its Special, so you can use a lot of other moves, or go mixed. This also makes it pretty resilient, so long as nothing punches it too hard. Overall, if I didn't need a flyer, I would've picked up this bad boy.