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Pokemon Yellow

by Crosspeice

Part 210: POKEDEX #144: Articuno

HP:90 Atk:85 Def:100 Spd:85 Spc:125 Total:485

Now we get into the legit legendaries that totally weren't glitched in. Articuno has some real power behind it and Ice is just great to have. Its typing isn't amazing, but things will be dead long before that matters. It's weirdly defensive for a Pokemon that has a terrible defensive typing, but having a high Special is not a problem. It doesn't have any bad stats, per-se, but they're not amazing either and Attack isn't too usable. You learn the usual Normal moves, but you can also try some Flying STAB. Well, Sky Attack. Which isn't that great. But it's something, sure. But really, just blast some fools, that's all you need to do.