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by Crosspeice

Part 213: POKEDEX #147: Dratini

HP:41 Atk:64 Def:45 Spd:50 Spc:50 Total:250

The mythical, adorable Dragon. Hard to obtain and, yeah, hard to use. Level up movepool is dire for the longest time and though you could get it fairly early on (in RB at least), it's not really impressive, since you can never get STAB for it. Not that it's a huge deal, since you can focus on Attack, but it learns a lot of TMs to really help it along, it just can't do all that much, since it's only a widdle Dragon. Whether you want to raise it all the way is up to you, but it can be a hassle. But if you're hoping for the best, then maybe, just maybe, this could be quite an impressive Pokemon.