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Part 215: POKEDEX #149: Dragonite

HP:91 Atk:134 Def:95 Spd:80 Spc:100 Total:500

The final dragon is a very good dragon. While Dragon/Flying is a terrible combination that does nothing to really help it, well, with the highest Attack stat in the game and a pretty good Special stat along with a wide movepool, this thing can do some real damage. Sure it's a hassle to evolve, but it is very much worth it, since nothing's gonna really stand in your way once you do. While you're sticking to Normal moves for the physical side, it will hit a lot harder then most other Normal Pokemon and just cause Special is lower, don't mean the wide range of special moves won't put a serious dent into something. Though you really can't use Flying at all and it gives you a really nasty weakness to Ice, with the right planning, nothing can really stand in your way.