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Part 25: Grounded Down

Okay, I think the shock is over, let's take this Gym down.

This bodes well. This is the only Gym in the entire series to just have an item just sitting there. (Don't quote me on that)

There's a few ways we can go and plenty of trainers to fight. Let's head up first.

If you didn't read the statue, then you'll be getting a load of SUBTLE hints that the Gym Leader's quite a prick.

"rests with me!"

This is actually more true then you'd think.


With seven badges, it's not unreasonable to want to challenge the league.

Alright, time for a gauntlet.

"steam by now!"

??? I could've faced you first.

No, see, you ran out of Pokemon, it's an easy mistake to make.


"into a rage!"

Uhuh. Are you wanting to go green, or have your hair turn blonde/red/blue?

Not with that attitude.

"music together!"

Oh, interesting, what kinda instrument do you-



Statues? I don't look at those, no sir.

Ah, dead end. Okay then, uh, let's head this way.

"crack of my whip!"

Oh cool, an asshole to beat up.

Ahh, that felt good.

Moving on.

"martial arts!"

Bless you.

"Karate as I..."

Sawk is gonna kick your ass.

#034: Nidoking

Yeah, see, I just don't know if I'll be able to do it, seems like it'll be pretty tough.

But that was yet another dead end, so let's actually go and take on this mysterious Gym Leader. You have to take on the Karate King (tm), otherwise you can't get past.

Is that...?

Oh my godddddddddddddd, the Gym Leader???? Is Giovanni?????? Holy craaaaaaaaaaaaap!!!

: I planned to resurrect TEAM ROCKET here! But, you have caught me again! So be it!

: This time I'm not holding back! Once more, you shall face GIOVANNI, the greatest trainer!

VS Leader Giovanni

Giovanni: The Self-Proclaimed Strongest Trainer
(Giovanni is your stereotypical Italian crime boss name, but also comes from geo. It's also equivalent to John, which isn't as intimidating. The sakaki tree is the basis of the Earth Badge's design and sacred to those in the Shinto religion. And then maybe saka, slope. Vaguely relates to Ground, I guess? Oh and he's more based off the Yakuza, but that doesn't really apply outside of Japan.)

Well here we are again. He's starting off with quite a strong Ground type. This could take me out pretty quickly.

But even the strongest trainers know how useful Guard Spec. is!

mr skeltal is a defensive monster, so there's not much trouble here.

Woah, here's a sneaky trick, using a Normal type as the Ground Gym Leader, but I've got the perfect counter.

M-More or less...

Still, there's enough room to swing a cat.

This shouldn't be too tough, I'm sure this Nidoqueen can't do much.

Oh fu-

-lton recovery that was close.

I'll just live, sure.

While I could just sweep with our Water type, let's mix things up.

I think I expect too much from Tri Ace sometimes.

Great, I'm using up all my luck before we get to the actual hard stuff.

Oh just faint already!

Alright, final Pokemon. We could end this with one Razor Leaf.

But I've gotta show my sweet skills on video too.

Not speedy enough I see.

It's not too long before it's nearly done, so we'll just finish it off.

: As proof, here is the EARTHBADGE!

"any level obey!"

: It is evidence of your mastery as a POKEMON trainer! With it, you can enter the POKEMON LEAGUE! It is my gift for your POKEMON LEAGUE challenge!

: TM27 is FISSURE! It will take out POKEMON in one hit! I made it when I ran the GYM here, too long ago...

: Having lost, I cannot face my underlings! TEAM ROCKET is finished forever! I will dedicate my life to the study of POKEMON!

: Let us meet again someday! Farewell!

Well now I'm the leader.

Ikue seems to like it.

"GYM LEADER here?"

You really need to pay attention to the Gym you represent.

But now we have every single badge. Time to head to POKEMON LEAGUE.

Evolution intermission

Ah, it's been a while since we've been here. Almost getting deja vu, really.


: What? SATOSHI! What a surprise to see you here! So you're going to POKEMON LEAGUE? You collected all the BADGEs too? That's cool!

: Then I'll whip you, SATOSHI, as a warmup for POKEMON LEAGUE! Come on!

Well it's a slight bump in the road.

Very slight.

Haha, you are surprised to learn that my Water type has an Ice move!

Well now you're not even trying.

Hmm. Special. So dumb.

Uh, okay mate. Sure.

Okay, seriously. What? Why are you still using Potions???

C'mon, get. Get!

I think my team is getting behind the curve a bit.

Oh wonderful. Still, one hit from fainting.

Why is nothing DYING???

It is just not Ikue's day.

But still, it broke through the confusion. Nice one.

Now you might be thinking I'm crazy. But come on, Kadabra is the frailest thing, we'll easily knock this thing out.

Okay, seriously, what am I missing...

Oh these things won't save you from the mr skeltal power hour.

Nothing will.



: SATOSHI, you need more practise! But hey, you know that! I'm out of here. Smell ya!

Well, that was always a fun time. Let's move on.

And next time we'll begin the long road to victory.