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Part 26: Path to Victory

Aw man, it's been a while, but now we can continue on.

: Go right ahead!

So Route 23 is basically an extended badge check. You cannot proceed past certain guards if you do not have the right badge. But, if you have six badges, you can basially explore the entire route and catch the Pokemon found here. Not that there's anything new, really.


There isn't much to this route otherwise, it has a slight maze at the start, but all you can do is keep heading forwards.


Now for the next few badge checks on the water. Of course you can find Pokemon here.

There are a couple of neat hidden items dotted around, the last of the game!

Back onto dry land for the last couple badges and another hidden item.

One last hidden item and we're nearing the end.

The final hurdle before the Pokemon League, a shitty cave. Great.

Victory Road isn't an amazing cave, it's pretty winding, there's some tough trainers and there is, of course, a rubbish puzzle that is definitely one of the worst ever.

You push boulders onto switches. It is exactly as tedious as it sounds and unfortunately we have to do it like four more times.

Doing so removes some shiny blocks that block your progress? I'm not sure what they are, but so long as you're still on that floor, the boulders won't reset.

So in the top right corner is one hell of a choice. Well, not really, since we chose wrong, but we can also reset the boulder and get the other item. Anyway, Sky Attack (Goddo Bādo: God Bird) is definitely the strongest Flying move. Or it would be if it wasn't a two charge move, giving it effectively 70BP. So Drill Peck is the better move.

"for me!"

Now we face all the various trainers in this place. They can be pretty tough if you're not prepared. I'm always prepared though. Obviously.

Thankfully we've got a pretty good team, so it's not a huge deal taking them down.

"exactly how good!"

We'll whip them good.

Not much to that floor, so onto the next one.

Well, after this slight intermission.

"for trainers!"

Push boulder onto switch. Now fight trainer. Woo.

Get the fuck out with this bullshit.

"boulders around!"

I really wish I didn't have to, but oh well.

Heh, bird butt.


Once I'm through this slog, then sure, I'd love to.

We'll need all the levels in the world.

Man, I wish I wasn't so easily distracted, otherwise I might've gotten ahead of this guy.

There's a switch we can't do anything about just yet, but there is this cool TM. Ikue needs all the help it can get.

We won't head up just yet, there's a couple items to pick up first.

Sure the move is pretty inaccurate, but we've been recreating the opening of this game pretty well so far.


You got kicked.

Eh, I'm doing alright.



That number will only increase when I'm through with them.

Eh, too little, too late.

Now here we are on the highest floor, so there's one new Pokemon for us.

Alright, let's catch ourselves a Gol-

Ah, hmm, uh, let's try again.

Hrmmmmm. Explosion (Dai Bakuhatsu: Giant Explosion) is the strongest move in the game. And then it halves your Defense, making it THE strongest move in the game. It hurts everything like hell.

Eventually it stays in, goddamn.

#076: Golem

Ah, well, you know, I don't wanna brag or anything...

#103: Exeggutor

...did-did you not? How did you get here then?


I will put off this boulder for as long as I can.


Aye, it's called experience, a staple of RPG games.

Tucked in a corner, but alas, unusable with my current team. Oh well.

We'll ignore this switch and head down to this side area.

Sure, why not, keep it fresh.

I just can't stop using this combo on Lickitung.

Sorry, hidden item distracts me from paying attention.

And here's a bird.

But here's an item first.

#146: Moltres

The standard whittling down techniques, Moltres doesn't have a very impressive level up movepool, so the only thing that will sting is whatever we don't completely resist.

It still has a godawful catch rate, so we'll be here a while regardless.

Doesn't take too long, thankfully. Now all three birds are ours!


There we go, fun.

Well if this is based off of the anime, then I'm the chosen one three times over.

Believe it, toasterhead!

I've kicked their asses, so there's not much left of the competition.

Oh hey, here's our first sighting of Victreebel. Guess I can now evolve them, or whatever. I'm just lazy, really.

Tri Ace showed you how much you shouldn't use Grass types.

Push, push, push. Yawn, yawn, yawn.

Go through the last of the cave, pick up the last hidden item. And we're out!

Now let's head up the last of Route 23 and enter the Pokemon League.

A-Ah, a maze. Okay, there should be a way up the left.

Orrrrrrr maybe not. Right?

Alright, there we go! What a completely necessary addition.

COLOUR! (for the final time)

And next time, our journey shall end.