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Part 29: Champion Shigeru

Alright, let's kick this guy's ass.

"you, SATOSHI!"

: My rival should be strong to keep my sharp! While working on POKEDEX, I looked all over for powerful POKEMON! Not only that, I assembled teams that would beat any POKEMON type!

: And now! I'm the POKEMON LEAGUE champion! SATOSHI! Do you know what that means? I'll tell you! I am the most powerful trainer in the world!

VS Champion Shigeru

While his RGB Champion sprite is cooler, it's still a climactic fight. I mean, we've beaten this guy seven times... so I wonder if we'll win this time?

Start off as we mean to go on, with complete and utter destruction.

Ow. I guess

Uh, yeah, just waste your healing items on some random lackey. That was, uh, totally my plan!

But yeah, let's move on.

Hmm, this could be tricky, but at least I have my ace in the hole, the fastest thing around.

GodDAMN this thing is fast.

Please don't destroy my entire team.

Oh, uh, thank you. I love it when the game takes pity on me.

It... never lasts long.

Well now I'm just being mocked.

And we all knew how it was going to end.

And we all knew how THAT was going to end. Wukong is just too good.

And while it's annoying he has two Psychic types no matter what, at least this one doesn't have any Psychic moves.

Well I'll give this my fair shake, but it's just to get some damage off and then something else can come in and sweep up.

...yeaaaaaaah, that was my plan. Now I caaaaaaan...

Make sure everyone's fresh for the rest of the battle and take my time. It'll never defrost. Gives us a nice little break from the proceedings.

So we'll just end this when we're ready. I know, I'm terrible.

That's half his team down, his Alakazam is the only real threatening team member. After Lance, Shigeru is a piece of piss.

One day I'll be able to sweep stuff. Not today though, stupid power creep.

Hey now, don't go doing too much damage, don't want this to look too difficult now, can we?

Vegeta is just quite dependable upon, eh?

And since this is the final battle, everyone needs to come out at least once.

Ahh, I regret none of my team choices, even if they're just a little underpowered, but that's half the fun really.

This kinda puts my plans on hold, annoyingly.

Okay, now go for it mr skeltal!

Ahhhhhhh, come on!

Well that'll just have to be how it goes. Oh well.

Okay, last Pokemon. Wukong can handle this guy easily.

Good start, but I feel Karate Chop doesn't quite have the climactic oomph to it.

Ohohohoho, that's cute.

But nothing can stop the Wukong pain train.

And that is all she wrote.

: You beat my best! After all that work to become LEAGUE champ? My reign is over already? It's not fair!

: I never made any mistakes raising my POKEMON... Darn it! You're the new POKEMON LEAGUE champion! Although I don't like to admit it.

: You're the new POKEMON LEAGUE champion! You've grown up so much since you first left with PIKACHU! SATOSHI, you have come of age!

: I came when I heard you beat the ELITE FOUR! But, when I got here, you had already lost! SHIGERU! Do you understand why you lost?

: You have forgotten to treat you POKEMON with trust and love! Without them, you will never become a champ again!

: You understand that your victory was not just your own doing! You bond you share with your POKEMON is marvelous! SATOSHI! Come with me!

Smell ya later!


: This floor is the POKEMON HALL OF FAME! POKEMON LEAGUE champions are honored for their exploits here! Their POKEMON are also recorded in the HALL OF FAME!

: SATOSHI! You have endeavored hard to become the new LEAGUE champion! Congratulations, SATOSHI, you and your POKEMON are HALL OF FAMERs!

Damn straight. We're only 4 Pokemon from completing the Pokedex, so we've still got a little bit left to do.

I'll have the actual credits in the video, cause fuck screenshotting all dat. Instead it's...