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Part 30: Unknown Dungeon

Oh, hello. This seems familiar.

It's definitely been a while, but we're back here again.

But we're not done with this game just yet, there's still a few things to do. Not much though, these games are pretty light on postgame content, unless you decide that now is the time you want to complete the Pokedex.

So when we load the game, we're back in Pallet Town.

Our Pokemon haven't been healed, but least we're nearly done with the Pokedex.

So let's first head up to Viridian City and heal our guys, they deserve it after that tough Lance fight. And the Champion, I guess.

We also have a new option in the PC.

There's not much too it, but we can see our cool team as they were in our moment of victory at any time.

But now we don't exactly have a clear goal in mind, so we can just do whatever. Nothing really changes in Kanto once you beat the game, so we've gotta make our own fun.

Unfortunately it does mean we have to head back to Pokemon Tower. I mean, we don't HAVE to, but it's thematically appropriate dammit!

Now that we've seen Gengar, we can finally catch it for ourselves. I could've done this before the Elite Four, but it meant we saw some new Pokemon during our League challenge and since there's not much to the postgame, gotta stretch it out as much as I can!

And then a one and a two and a three. Man, I just have this catching thing down.

How lovely that things like that exist in this world.

And of course, even though our team isn't at the level Dragonair evolves... I ain't grinding this shit.

Now this destructive power is ours to command!

This one's a real mystery alright, no one's even see one before!

And we'll be heading back to the Pokemon League to buy some items, cause we're gonna need them. Maybe. Well we don't really need money anymore at least.

And our final stop for this update will be Cerulean City. There's something big hiding nearby.

Surfing around, we can reach this cave again, but now the entrance is open. So in we go.

Caves in Pokemon are never really that great and this, the Unknown Dungeon is no different. For whatever reason, the layout of this dungeon changes in each game, from RG, to RB and again for, Y. They made it consistent in the remakes by using the original RG layout. How you go through the cave is different in Yellow compared to RBG, since you can access most of the first two floors to begin with in those games, but in Yellow, the path you take is much more linear, with the ladders allowing you to access other sections of this floor.

RG Unknown Dungeon 1F; RB Unknown Dungeon 1F; Y Unknown Dungeon 1F

So let's begin. There's plenty of items in here and being the final dungeon, they're really good stuff you won't use cause, well, there's nothing to use them on.

Oh yeah, the other annoying thing about this place, everything has a really high level, on par with the Elite 4 and even the Champion! So our Repels are worthless.

So the best way is to put our fastest Pokemon out front and due to being 1 level higher, that's Wukong.

And hey, here's the ladder to the next floor.

RG Unknown Dungeon 2F; RB Unknown Dungeon 2F; Y Unknown Dungeon 2F

Some sweet items and some high leveled Pokemon. So not too different from the last floor. The ladders are still in the same place in every game, but of course the paths we can take are different. In RG, most of the ladders are disconnected with each other and lead to dead ends. In RB, four of the ladders are connected with each other, so you need to find the right one that leads to the basement floor. And then in Yellow, the ladders are paired up so you can traverse to new areas of the first floor.

But there's just a lot of walking around, picking up items and trying not to get lost. Nearly done with items and hidden items we can pick up.

And of course plenty of encounters with really high level shit.

The items aren't the same in each game, since there aren't any in RG, but quite a number in RB. And of course Yellow always has to be the special child and change things again.


Up and down and around and around. (I love these useless Repels)


Eh, worth it.

I'm running out of ways to vary up the transition.

Okay, next section.

Same as always.

Aw yeah, back to the maze!

I love this place so much, goddamn.

We'll head down first.

Yay dead ends

If it seems like I'm kinda rushing through this place, it's cause I am. Nothing here but us ladders and wild encounters. But at least we've finally made it to the bottom floor, so we're nearly done!

RG Unknown Dungeon B1F; RB Unknown Dungeon B1F; Y Unknown Dungeon B1F

Okay, that is definitely too high a level for a Ditto.

But this floor is still the same as the other two, so at least this place is consistently terrible. You start in the middle left and twist and turn around the entire floor to finally reach our destination.

And here's the last hidden item in the game.

And asides from the distraction, here's another two random pieces of crap we don't need.

Okay, nearly there.

And this is the last item in the game we can obtain. Boy, I wonder if it's trying to tell me something?

Huh, that's pretty lucky, which is good because...

We've just got one more Pokemon to catch in the wild!

Yep, seriously. Lickitung is the last normal Pokemon we can catch and we could only now just get one. In other games, it was a trade, aside from Japanese Blue, where it was in the Safari Zone, but in Yellow, it can only be found on the final floor of the very final dungeon, at only 5% encounter rate. And while we wait for Thunder Wave to come back, we can just weaken it.


Okay, now we can go and weaken it.

I...Ikue... PLEASE


Okay, there we go, that's all of them, 150/150. But of course, we're not done just yet.

There's just one more Pokemon we need to ge-

One more we need to-

That thing! Right there. Geez!

...sure whatever.

VS Mewtwo

#150: Mewtwo

Well, despite its ridiculously high level and stats, it's still a wild Pokemon, so the standard tactics still apply.

Ahahahahaha, where the fuck do you think you are? Prepare to get absolutely annihilated, you piece of shit.

So we can at least whittle it down and then maybe we can think of paralyzing it again.

But we are absolutely and completely outclassed, so it just depends on how nice the RNG is to us in deciding its attacks.

We still need to damage it, or we've got no hope of catching this thing.

That is going to be incredibly difficult.

Well that was nice, it didn't go for the kill.

Chip, chip, chip away.

Ah cool, it's giving me a fighting chance. Maybe I won't wipe to it.

Orrrrrr maybe it's toying with me???

Yeah, toying.

Okay, last Pokemon, so we just need to weaken it a little more and then I can revive up some guys and try and catch this thing.

Okay, just need Aquamemnon to faint so I can bring in Ikue and paralyze this thing.

Oh yeah, you thought this wouldn't be too bad, but Mewtwo can also undo all your progress, because fuuuuuuuuck yooooooooooou.

Oh yeah, the toy is real.

But I suppose I might as well throw some balls while I wait for my perfect plan to begin.

Or, uh, that could happen. The game could just make my life so much easier by doing that.

I'd noticed, cause Mew was a loooooot easier to catch.

But there we go, we have now obtained every single Pokemon in the game. Wasn't that hard, really. I guess I could do it again if need be.

But there we go, like hell I'm walking out. And next time, there's only just a couple more things left to do.

God we're so screwed.