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Part 31: Welcome to the World of PAIN

Okay, last update, this is it. It's gonna be short cause there really isn't much else to do once you've done Cerulean Cave. They expect you to catch the remaining Pokemon, but, uh, we've kinda done that.


Wooo. Satisfaction.

And here's our final Pokemon. I hadn't decided on a nickname by this point, but it's gonna be Frieza, can't help it.

So with our Pokedex finally complete, we need to get our reward.

Here we are, this is something we have worked towards the entire game, the culmination of our mentor's life's work. What will ensure our future for generations to come. A piece of paper.

That, uh, that's pretty true to life I guess.


"as proof?"

Sure why not.

Oh yeah, that's why not.

I dunno why everyone had so little faith in me, sheesh.

"POKEMON! Thanks!"

Now you can write a goddamn ending.

So there we go, that's everything in the game.

Well, okay, there's one more thing we can do, but right now at the end of the game it's a bit tricky. So here we go.

So there's one trainer I avoided on Route 21 for a reason. We're gonna do the same process of the Mew Glitch. But wait, this is the last trainer in the game, so how are we gonna fight another trainer to finish up the glitch?

Well changing boxes and restarting gets you your menu back, but we still need to fight a trainer. The glitch doesn't work if we go back to fight the trainer we flew away from, so what to do?

Well for whatever reason, having this guy lead you to the museum counts as a trainer battle. Seriously. Pushing a Strength boulder also counts. You can also fight against the entire Elite Four, since that counts as a trainer, but it is a bit of a long way to do that.

So with the Mew Glitch, we need some kind of Special value, but the only one we can load in at this point is whatever Pokemon we can encounter, with all kinds of variations due to DVs. So let's make things a bit more consistent.

So the specific value we want, out of the range we have, is 226. The values that result in a Pokemon only go as high as 190 (191-199 is a load of horrendous glitch Pokemon) and any higher than that, results in trainers. So we can fight against a number of trainer, including all the unique ones. So 226 results in a specific trainer, but we need that value on the opposing Pokemon. Now if only there were a Pokemon that could copy your stats...

Oh hello.

So when Ditto transforms into a Pokemon then it gains that Special value. This allows you to choose what you'll encounter for the Mew Glitch, it could be absolutely anything, but there's still more to this. We've also neutered Dragonite's moveset so this Ditto doesn't wreck us.

So that Mew we encountered way back when was at level 7. This is due to the Attack modifier of the opponent and everyone in the thread voted 5, so that's how many times we're using Growl, so if we were facing a Pokemon, it would now be level 2, but since we're facing a trainer, then it instead changes the roster. Ponyta/Rapidash is good for this since they learn Growl at level 35, for whatever reason.

Once we lower its Attack enough and you have the right Special value, you can just run away.

Now we use an Escape Rope to make sure we don't encounter any other Pokemon, otherwise the Special value is overwritten.

Let's get our team together, for one last battle.

Heading out to Route 21 opens our menu, we close it aaaaaaaand...

VS Professor Oak

So this is the final fight in the game. One of the fights in the code is against Professor Oak and he has a stronger team than our rival, so he may have been the Champion or some kind of post game fight before it was changed for whatever reason. You can only do this fight if you do the Mew Glitch with a Special value of 226 and lower the Attack of the Pokemon by 4, 5, or 6 stages. It's the only way to do so without any external cheating device.

This is an actual team with proper movesets and that, so don't think this will be easy, cause he will fuck us up.

So even a shitty move like Rage versus my defensive tank is a problem cause we're twenty levels lower and can't really do much damage.

But mr skeltal will take this goddamn bull down, no matter what.

Eventually it goes down.

Usually I would not use super effective matchups to give a bit of challenge, but we really can't afford that.

Woo, that's some power gap.

This definitely helps.

This definitely does not.

But hey, two down, three to go. Yeesh.

I will make sure to use the entire team in this battle, since this is the last one of the LP really.

Okay, good start.


Okay, the reason we have a choice of numbers with Professor Oak's roster is because he uses a different starter. So the number that you guys voted for gave us Venusaur! I'll talk about why we're facing against a Blastoise in just a little bit.

Let's not give this thing the chance to do much, cause it will fuck us up, don't you worry about that.

Okay, only one more Pokemon to go. Hoo boy.

The strongest opponent (that's not Mewtwo) that we'll face. Go for it Ikue!

Alright, you did all you could! Nice job!

When in doubt, Wukong saves the day.

Ah, god, please no.

Okay, not too bad, I think we'll be alright.

Ah, uh, okay. We might be getting a slight bit screwed.

Yeah! Go Aquamemnon!

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!! GEN 1 IS A SHITTY BROKEN MESS AND I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

And that is all he wrote. On the dex. Cause he just got schooled. Aww yeah.

The battle quote is what the trainer you should've faced would say and we can still face the trainer on Route 21 to finish up. But, uh, that might not be the best idea. Basically, I was messing around trying to see if doing the Mew Glitch would work in that way and that may have kinda made Route 21 a laggy mess and the trainer impossible to defeat cause it locks me into fighting that trainer over and over. The process that I've used in this update should work, but I can't find out unless I reset the whole game. Always have a backup save state when you do stuff like this, kids! So I used a Gameshark code that allowed me to fight the first Swimmer in Misty's Gym as Professor Oak. So yeah, woo incompetence!

ANYWAY, that's really about it. There's nothing else in the game to do. That's it. But I do sense something from this grass patch. And it's no that bloody writing, stop telling the audience how much I procrastinated on this shit!

I dunno, I'm getting some kind of weird feeling from this Eevee, maybe if I treat it right something might happen.

And this seems like a pretty balanced team, I suppose one thing I can do is just get stronger, but around here just doesn't seem like the best place, there's gotta be more to this world, more to this area.

Hmm, imma go climb that mountain over there. Later y'all.