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Part 52: Side Notes #07: In-Game Trades

Side Notes #07: In-Game Trades

In every game since the very beginning, there are some select trainers you can trade Pokemon with. They differ depending on the game, but can be pretty useful since they gained boosted experience and are usually Pokemon you can't obtain until later. Let's have a look then.

These are the trades in both Red, Green, Red and Blue and are somewhat interesting. We've encountered the one on Route 5 and it's much better than the one Yellow has. The one in Cerulean City is where we got Bulbasaur, but we wouldn't have been able to do it anyway. There's quite a few Pokemon you won't be able to get otherwise, so you'll have to do them to catch them all. It's a little awkward for some, but hey, might as well?

Then we have the ones for Japanese Blue and they're a lot weirder, that's for sure. The one we've seen is actually pretty good, a very early mon for one we won't be seeing for a little bit. And then the next couple allow you to get some really rare Safari Zone Pokemon pretty easily. Then it gets pretty interesting, showcasing some trade evolutions. And the ones you get in trade will evolve, so you can get half of them by just playing the game, that's pretty interesting. Not much else to note, everything else is fine.

Finally, we have the trades for this game. There's a couple missing for whatever reason, but we can find those Pokemon in the wild now, so it's not a huge deal. We can have our own nicknames! And yeah, that trade we saw this update was right, we can trade a Cubone for a MACHAMP. That's stupidly good. Overall, all the trades are good and get all evolved Pokemon. But the Pokemon they want can be a bit awkward to get. But it's not too bad. We'll be going for all of them, of course, since why not?

Today's is a small one, but it's of a part of the game not too many people know about. And now you know!