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Part 54: Side Notes #09: Leader Differences (Brock, Misty and Lt. Surge)

Side Notes #9: Leader Differences (Brock, Misty, Lt. Surge)

We've faced a fair few Gym Leaders now and it's time to look back on how much of a challenge they were. They are bosses after all, ones you should keep in the back of your mind as you catch and raise your team. They've also been subtly changed between versions, so let's see what kind of stuff they have.


The very first challenge of the game, who may or may not be a pushover depending on what Pokemon you choose to begin with.

Not much of a difference is there? Aside from Geodude no longer being able to raise Defense, but that's due to the level it learns it at. So, because you can't just roll over them with your starter, they're a bit easier to deal with. You also have a couple of options in Yellow, being Mankey's Low Kick, Nidoran's Double Kick, or Butterfree's Confusion. Overall, not too tough a fight and one you can whittle down if need be, since they're not too tough.

And we've gotta relate into the anime somehow. Brock appeared in the fifth episode, much as he does in the games, with the addition of a fully fledged family. With his Mom deadTRAVELING and his Dad being a rock selling hobo at the edge of town, Brock had to look after his 7 siblings and could cook. After Pikachu uses Soak to get rid of its Ground typing, Brock calls bullshit and ends the match, but gives Ash a pity badge anyway. Then he starts following him, for whatever reason. He then exposits every now and then and does fuck all for around 13 years, before deciding to be a Pokemon Doctor instead of a Breeder. Wonderful.


Next up, the mermaid of water or whatever. May be a challenge depending on the starter, but also isn't too tough.

Still not much of a difference. Levels are back to normal, but Starmie can increase its Defense this time. Yay? There's still ways around this depending on the game. There's a number of Grass types on Route 24 you can pick up. It's even easier in Yellow, you can get a free Grass type next to the Gym and you come with your own electric rat. The only real problem is Starmie, who can and will fuck you up. But it may also waste turns becoming harder and harder. Like my Metapod.

We all know what her anime version is like. Misty first appeared in the second episode, fishing up Ash after he goes through some Spearow and a storm. She slaps some sense into him for treating his Pikachu like shit and in return, it destroys her bike, so she follows him around for 5 years doing little in following her dream and developing an attraction towards Ash, which, like everything else in the show, has no consequence and she's soon back at Cerulean Gym while her boy continues to have fun with other girls. She's made a couple of appearances since then, when Ash returned to Kanto for the Battle Frontier, but that was 9 years ago. She may never appear again. Oh well. Oh yeah, they had a Gym battle, but it was interrupted by Team Rocket and so Ash got his second pity badge. Hooray!

Lt. Surge

Now none of the starters will really help you here, so your team composition starts to matter.

Here's where the differences start to be more apparent. Surge is much more deadly in Yellow, his Raichu... sure packs a punch! Hah! Anyway, he's not too bad in R/B but can fry some stuff. You have a Geodude that can't do too much back, but you can also catch a Diglett which can absolutely wreck him. But in Yellow, he can wreck you back, so you better take him out in one shot. You can also give something Dig in emergency, so there are ways around it.

In the anime, Surge appeared in the 14th episode of the anime and destroyed Ash using his stronger Raichu. Pikachu considers evolving, realizes it won't have the marketing potential, or fingers to work with and decides to just up its speed. Then gets OHKOed by Mega Punch. No? Okay, it actually avoids electricity using its tail as a lightning rod (somehow) and beats up an exhausted Raichu, getting Ash's first proper badge. Surge himself is a gargantuan man who likes making fun of "babies". Due to being American, Surge does use English words in the Japanese games, saying stuff like "Goddamn!". He then fires his gun wildly and shouts about freedom. Or maybe I'm just stereotyping.