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Part 60: Side Notes #15: Starter Changes

Side Notes 15: Starter Changes

In lieu of the previous Side Notes, this time we're looking at how Shigeru, or Blue, or Douche changes his Pokemon depending on whqat starter he's gone with. We've had two fights where we can see his team shaping up to be Champion material, so let's have a look, more specifically at the one we've just done, the big one.

To begin with, Blue's team has three constants: Pidgeot and Alakazam and then a Grass/Water/Fire core, with one being his starter. Pidgeot is as good as it will ever get, so who cares. Alakazam isn't too bad just yet, his team is just learning stuff from their level up movepool for now. Then the next two Pokemon are determined by his starter. So we have Exeggcute, Growlithe and Gyarados, with one being replaced by the starter of the same type. What's interesting is that they're all pretty rubbish, with very basic STAB and whatever status moves they happen to learn. Venusaur is only the strongest of the starters due to Razor Leaf crits, though Charizard can also Slash. Gyarados knows Hydro Pump for whatever reason and is definitely the most threatening. Unless you zap it right there and then.

Much as you have been prepping your team, so as Blue. This could be a tough fight if you're unprepared, but by this point you have access to all of mainland Kanto and should be training up a good team. If not, there's lots of trainers nearby to grind up. (DO NOT ACTUALLY DO THIS). Now onto Yellow.

Firstly, Eevee will evolve depending on something very sneaky. Remember those first two battles way back in the beginning of the game (the one in the Lab and then the optional one on Route 22)? If you beat Blue in both of those, then he'll get a Jolteon. If you win one and lose one (or win the Lab one and ignore the optional one), he'll get a Flareon. And if you lose them both (or lose the Lab one and ignore the optional one), then he'll get a Vaporeon. His starts forming his team around Lavender, so you'll know what Eevee will evolve into beforehand. So what's he got?

We still have the three constants, being Sandslash, Fea- oh wait it died. So Kadabra then. And the core of Water/Fire/Electric, to match up with the Eeveelutions, with choices being Ninetales, Cloyster and Magneton. Not a bad selection, at least they're evolved this time. And Cloyster could even be a slight threat. Jolteon is also pretty varied, but it also runs off level up moves. Sandslash won't be too bad and Kadabra shouldn't be either. Then Magneton and Ninetales are just a bit too weak to lay some hurt, but Vaporeon easily fills in Cloyster's role, just without the STAB. lol Flareon.

Depending on the set up, it could be a bit tough, but the Eeveelutions don't seem as threatening as a fully evolved starter, even if they are a bit stronger in some aspects. Regardless, maybe next time, Blue might be a challenge. Maybe.