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by Crosspeice

Part 67: POKEDEX #001: Bulbasaur

HP:45 Atk:49 Def:49 Spd:45 Spc:65 Total:253

Let's be honest, no one likes Bulbasaur. But that's because they're crazy. In these games, Bulbasaur is easy mode, it's very useful to begin with and kinda drops off towards the end, but by then you'll have the team composition to make up for it. The moves it can learn aren't too great and takes a little while to get going, but it's effective against a lot of things. It can also use a number of status effects to help with wearing opponents down or catching other Pokemon. And that's a pretty damn good Special stat for this early, while everything else is fairly average. Honestly, Bulbasaur is a pretty good choice and would've been the one to choose had I LPed the other games instead.