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Pokemon Yellow

by Crosspeice

Part 69: POKEDEX #003: Venusaur

HP:80 Atk:82 Def:83 Spd:80 Spc:100 Total:425

As the first of the starters to fully evolve, you get one that is amazingly average. All of its stats are very similar aside from a pretty good Special, so it kinda does everything, but not amazingly. Now that it's evolved, it learns no good moves for a really long time, more then we will see in the LP, but it's fine, not only is Vegeta's moveset basically done, we can TM a couple more things. But Normal and Grass moves are all you really have, but you have the stats to mostly use them. And then take some hits too, so it all really works out. Honestly, this is a really solid starter choice, since it works out great to begin with and when it's not amazing, you'll have the team to support it.