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by Crosspeice

Part 72: POKEDEX #006: Charizard

HP:78 Atk:84 Def:78 Spd:100 Spc:85 Total:425

You've battled many a trainer, survived a terrible level up movepool and reached the final form to obtain a powerful fire breathing dragon that you're probably sick of by now. Well, good news, it's the worst of the starters! You've still got 10 levels before you get to actual good move that isn't Ember, but at least you can use Slash until then. You are very starved for Fire STAB in these games, but at least you have useless Flying STAB also! Well, you can have Fly in Yellow, but it's as useful as Peck and makes you weak to Electric, weak to Ice (since it isn't resisted by Fire until next gen!) and really weak to Rock. But at least you avoid Ground moves. Wonderful.

So what is good about Charizard? It's really fast and you can go either way with offenses. It also learns a fair amount of moves, but you do have to wait a while for STAB. Overall, it isn't as immediately useful as the other two, with Venusaur being great during the main story, while Blastoise has the best offensive utility in the late game. Charizard just isn't that helpful, but for the main game, it'll do you just fine. Aside from the first two Gyms.