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Part 73: POKEDEX #007: Squirtle

HP:44 Atk:48 Def:65 Spd:43 Spc:50 Total:250

Ah, my boy Squirtle. Since my first Pokemon game was Blue, I obviously chose the one on the box. And it's a medium mode for this game, since it does alright against the Gyms. Water was and still is a good type to have, so Squirtle really benefits. Apart from its high Defense, which doesn't matter against Grass and Electric moves, it has passable Special. Everything else is a bit mediocre, but you can power through easily enough. But the main reason why Squirtle is so good is because it can learn Ice Beam, which makes it a one man wrecking ball and the reason Water is such a good type. Otherwise, it doesn't learn too much else of note, but that's all you really need.