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by Crosspeice

Part 75: POKEDEX #009: Blastoise

HP:79 Atk:83 Def:100 Spd:78 Spc:85 Total:425

Ah, memories. Forget easy mode Venusaur, Blastoise is the easy mode. With a combination of Surf, Ice Beam and various Normal moves, you will have very little problems throughout the game. Since it has similar attacking stats to Charizard, it can go either way and does have the movepool to work with. Well, TMs, since it's has a pretty barren level up movepool. As always, so just stick with the good stuff and you will easily destroy everything. Being a Water type is just too good. However, it's the slowest of the starters and its large Defense doesn't really help it mitigate its weaknesses. So as it stands, Venusaur is the strongest of the three, but Blastoise will wreck the most. And Charizard needs 17 years to be good.