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by Crosspeice

Part 78: POKEDEX #012: Butterfree

HP:60 Atk:45 Def:50 Spd:70 Spc:80 Total:305

So you've cared for your Bug through its bad bad stages and now you're left with an okay butterfly. Those stats aren't bad, but for a final evolution, it's nowhere near the best. Even now, it's getting outclassed by other Pokemon that are only in their middle stage. This thing will still be useful, but not for too much longer. It's pretty speedy and can hit hard on the Special side, but its typing does nothing to help that. It can't learn a single Bug or Flying move. Instead it can learn some Psychic moves and some status. So, that's actually better, because it would do very little with those STAB moves anyway with that terrible Attack. It's good for now, but you should probably dump it soon.