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Pokemon Yellow

by Crosspeice

Part 84: POKEDEX #018: Pidgeot

HP:83 Atk:80 Def:75 Spd:91 Spc:70 Total:399

The first birb, the main birb. But is it all that good? Well, not really. The stats aren't too bad, it's pretty speedy and can smack things around, but Flying types in this game live or die depending on if they know Drill Peck. And this one can't, so it can only be so good. The moves it can learn through level-up are atrocious, nothing higher than 40BP, which is hilariously bad. And since you don't know the best Flying move, you have to contend with other, lesser, Flying moves. At least you still have the good old Normal moves, but Attack is okay, not amazing. Also, you have a completely useless Special stat and it really doesn't help much, with all those scary Ice and Electric moves everywhere. Maybe it's for the best Ash didn't come back for you.