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Part 91: POKEDEX #025: Pikachu

HP:35 Atk:55 Def:30 Spd:90 Spc:50 Total:260

So, the mascot, this Pokemon has its face on more or less everything to do with the franchise these days. But it wasn't always like that, oh no, there's was a time when Poliwhirl was as much of a mascot as Pikachu was (since it was Satoshi Tajiri's favorite Pokemon). The anime was what changed everything. They were trying to figure out what Pokemon Ash would start with, they didn't want to make kids feel like they made the wrong choice with their starters, so they thought a small, versatile and cute Pokemon would be best, especially if it could become an iconic image with Ash, since it would be on his shoulder.

In another universe, Clefairy was the one chosen and would have a billion games and formes in its wake. Then try and explain to your Dad how games weren't for babies, gawd. But instead, after seeing how destructive electric attacks could be, they used Pikachu.

So how does our mascot do in the games? Well, since they didn't know it would be the face of the franchise and that you would evolve it quickly so it wouldn't drag you down, it's not that great. It's small, fragile and speedy. It has a terrifying track record in the anime that it could not even hope to match in game. Despite its connection with powerful electrifying moves, it actually has slightly higher Attack. Though because all the Special moves it learns are Electric, it receives STAB and will always do more damage than any physical moves. It's also really brought down by its terrible Defense stat, as you'll soon see.

Overall, the best thing to do is hit hard and fast, because it won't last too long otherwise.