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Part 92: POKEDEX #026: Raichu

HP:60 Atk:90 Def:55 Spd:100 Spc:90 Total:395

Here is what I wish we could have in this game. Raichu is an improvement over Pikachu is every single way, in every stat. Don't believe those damn lies, Raichu is most definitely faster, but since it's a stone evolution, it learns nothing and relies on what Pikachu had before you made it good. So if you want it to be really, really fast, then stick around until Agility, or Light Screen, maybe. Otherwise, give it some good TMs and watch it wreck, since it has very good attacking stats. However, this is really as far as the love goes, since in the next gen, the scales start tipping in one yellow rat's favour.

Dirty Deeds Done" post="447446080 posted:

Fuck Pikachu, Raichu 4 lyfe.