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by Crosspeice

Part 95: POKEDEX #029: Nidoran F

HP:55 Atk:47 Def:52 Spd:41 Spc:40 Total:235

A pretty basic Pokemon that at least isn't Normal or Flying, but in the base form, it doesn't have much going for it. Which is fine, really, neither does anything else, but Poison was and still is a bad, baaaad attacking type. It has mediocre stats all around and really needs to evolve to improve. It does have a couple of interesting things about it, firstly that it has A GENDER It would take a good couple years before other Pokemon decided to have them too. And for something a little bit later, it learns Double Kick at level 12, instead of 43, at the cost of its other moves being bumped up a bit. Otherwise, pass or evolve.