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Part 13: Episode Ten: The Final Confrontation!

You and me both, partner.

I'm sure he found all that sitting in a chair and strolling casually into the cockpit very exhausting.

Well, we decided to play a round of Cops and Terrorists. It's like Cops and Robbers, except you use live ammo and dress up as racial stereotypes.

Well, sir, they came out of the back and said there was a bomb onboard, and they'd shoot everyone unless the plane flew to Egypt. Then I shot them instead, discharging my weapon wildly in the direction of the cockpit in strict accordance with police policy to preserve the lives of other citizens at all times.

Remember the note.

Oh, right.

That one had a note in his turban explaining how to build bombs. So I just reversed the instructions, because I surmised that unbuilding the bomb would destroy it.

I helped by heroically staying out of the way and smoking in the cockpit.

You two are going to prison for a million years. You know that, right?



Don't look so surprised, Sonny. We're in Texas now! Come on, last one out's got dinner.

Damn it!

This airport is very impressive.

Wow, it's much bigger than Lytton's. All those planes! It's magnificent.

I can honestly say that this is the most amazing thing I've seen all year.

Alright, guys, enough sightseeing. Let's get to the station.


Careful what you wish for, Sonny.

Oh, God, I think I'm going to throw up.


Oh, for God's sake. Right on my shoes.

It was like being sprayed with bacon rinds that had been gradually dissolved in acidic tar.

I said I was sorry! I helped clean it up!

There are not enough wet naps in the universe to wipe away what you've done.

Seriously, I can smell it from out here.

"Detectives Bond and Robinson: Welcome to Steelton!"

Then Wild Willy says... "Well! You dudes are chasing one upstanding citizen." Continuing, he says... "It seems this punk Bains has already started his handiwork here, too."

Oh, no.

You mean...

"I hate to tell you boys this, but after putting a tap on Colby's phone, I sent an unmarked unit over to check on him, and..."

Don't tell me. Bains had gotten there first.

How does he DO that? Does this fucker have wings?

Go on, sir.

"We did manage to connect," Willy tell you, "on one threatening call from Bains. I don't think it will help but the call was traced to a phone booth in our local "Burt Park"."

"You boys will probably want to go over there and look around." Willy grunts. "But I think you'll be spinning your wheels."

We'd better get over there. They might have missed something.

Right. Like a big neon sign with a flashing arrow pointing in the direction Bains ran in.

Oh, what... wonderful news. Thank you, sir.

I'm just going to grab those radios.

You mean extenders!

No, these are actually radios.


See, they have longer-range transmitters in them, so...

Stop it.

...easy mistake to make, but really...

You're going to do this all the way there, aren't you? Does this help you be less nervous about Marie?

...Marconi, who discovered...

I'm just going to take a nap.

Did I miss anything?

Nothing important. Come on, I need the extra set of eyes. Let me know if you spot anything even slightly out of the ordinary.


I'm going to go...

Yes, yes, get to it.

OK. The phone booth.

He's definitely been here. It can't have been that long ago. Do you think... he...

I'm sure she's still alive. He won't do anything to her until he's got you. There's no way he could know you're here yet, but I'm sure he's got some way of finding out.

How does he keep staying one step ahead of us?

Might be good planning. I'm thinking it's more likely to be dumb luck. What if Officer Italian-guy had stumbled on that car a few minutes too early? It could have wrecked his whole plan.

True. You have to expose yourself to risk anytime you commit a crime.

Well, especially if your master plan is "kill all my enemies while leaving behind as much incriminating evidence as possible".

This park really is nice.

Maybe I'll spend some time here with Marie once I find her.

That's the way to think.

I just feel like... we need to find her fast. All it'll need is for her to get him just a little too angry, and...

It'll be okay, Sonny. We're looking as fast as we can.

Yeah. I haven't seen anything suspicious so far. Those cops might have been right.

Well, those cops are here all the time. If something were out of place, they'd notice.

That's a good point. So maybe we should be looking for something that's not out of place.

What do you mean? Also, who's that?

I don't know. Doesn't look like Bains, though.

You are kidding me.

Look out, Sonny. You're being menaced by a stock character. Are you going to shoot him? Or beat him up with your nightstick?

I've got a better weapon for this one.

Hey, Keith. Could you take some trash out for me? I have important things to deal with.

That man is the most menacing mugger ever. "I'll rip you apart with my bare hands! Unless you have a walkie-talkie of some kind."

I guess we should see if Keith caught up with him.

Aren't you younger than me?

Depends on which game, I think.

Oh, not this again. Alright, mister, what do you have to say for yourself?

Well, that's your right. In fact, you have the right to rem...

Oh, did you read him his rights already, Keith? Good job.

That's... surprisingly efficient of him. Well done, Keith. His proudest moment.

Thanks, Keith. See you in a bit.

So now you're stranded in the park without a ride?

I'll manage. I'm not here without backup.

Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Is that Pointy?

No, not this time. Let's go see what that dog is so interested in.

Well, I don't see anything, but I guess we haven't looked around here yet.

Nothing obviously out of the ordinary.

...and that's precisely it, isn't it?

What is?

Something that you see every day. That's perfectly normal, not something you'd notice if you were searching a place you were familiar with. Something that you could use to hide.

Oh, I see what you're getting at...

But Sonny, that's crazy! You can't just wander around in a sewer. You'd need a hazmat suit or something. Or at least some noseplugs.

I think we've already established that Bains isn't playing with a full deck here.

But I can't just go down there right now, can I?

I don't know, Sonny. Can you? You're not here without backup, after all.

I know, but... I should go back and call someone. We could have a team out here looking through these sewers in a couple of hours. But a couple of hours might be too long.

I guess it's a question of what's more important, Sonny. The risk to your girlfriend, or your procedures?

I should say that there isn't a difference, because following proper procedures will give her the best chance to survive. I know that's true. But right now... doesn't feel true.

Well, I'm with you, Sonny. I'd go down there, too.

Of course, I'm impulsive and irresponsible.

I'm not sure you're supposed to just admit that. Come on. I need you to guide me in the darkness.



That will be his job.

I'm in your hands.

I knew, somehow, you know... deep inside.


I knew there'd be a sewer level. There's always a sewer level.

Quiet. I smell something funny.

Funnier than the river of shit?

Yes. Shh.

Phew. Just a little pocket.

That'll help if I run into more methane.

And maybe it'll cut back on the smell?

Unfortunately not.

This looks like it.

Be ready for anything, Sonny.

And Bains is nowhere in sight. Maybe you can get her out of here and get a backup team for Bains.

Exactly what I was thinking. Come on, Marie, it's okay. We'll get you out of here.

You need to stay calm. If you make any noise, he might hear you and come back. Just relax and keep it to a whisper, okay?

Coast is clear so far. Get to it.

Good plan. Come on.

Wait, I think there's something...

OH MY GOD!!! He's coming back! Sonny, you must hide!

OK. Pretend you still have your hands tied. I'll get behind that pipe and get the drop on him. Hopefully he'll surrender if I can get my gun on him first.

How likely do you think that is?

Come on. Behind the pillar.


Damn it, Sonny, he's shooting at you! Shoot back! Shoot back!

Did... did you get him?

I don't know. I think so. Damn it. This isn't how this was supposed to go.

Yeah, he's gone.

And Marie is safe. Don't forget that part.

He didn't give you any other choice, Sonny.

I know. But that's still not how.. oh, to hell with it. Come on, Marie.

I don't want that, either. Come on. Let's go home.

Next time on Police Quest: The Aftermath

Aren't you going to make fun of me for kissing her in public? In a sewer?

No. Not this time.