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Part 15: Episode Eleven: The Aftermath

So, what now?

Watch this.

Oh, good trick.

Trick? It's been days! Where have you been?

OK, now I know you're just fucking with me.


Well, I did kill a man.

Three men.


The terrorists, remember?

What terrorists?


Leisure time, eh?

Yes. Did you have a comment?

Actually, I don't want to hear about it.

Fingers crossed.

Oh, come on. You've got nothing to worry about. They're probably going to give you another damn medal.

The Review Board posted:

This board finds that Homicide Detective Sonny Bond, while on duty, was involved in the discharge of his weapon at another human being during the process of rescuing kidnap victim Marie Wilkans.

Further... the shooting resulted in the fatal wounding of "Jessie Bains", escaped fugitive.

The board notes: Jessie Bains, while using a stolen .32 caliber Browning automatic, first attacked and fired at Detective Bonds with the intent to commit murder.

Time out, time out. That matters? What if you had shot first?

I'd probably have been fired.

So part of your job is being a living target? That doesn't sound right.

Quiet, there's more.

Yet More Review Board posted:

The Board finds that Detective Bonds acted in self-defense while in fear for his own life and while protecting the life of kidnap victim Marie Wilkans.

The Board concludes that the shooting death of "Jessie Bains" by Homicide Detective Sonny Bonds was totally and unquestionably legal and justifiable.

Well, glad it's unquestionable!

Are you questioning it?

I can't. It's unquestionable.

Getting Bored of the Review posted:

#1. This board recommends immediate cancellation of administrative leave, therefore returning Detective Bonds to permanent active status.

#2. Detective Sonny Bond will receive Lytton Police Department's "Silver Commendation Award" for superior effort and performance while engaged in a life-threatening situation.

#3. This board recommends that Sonny Bonds participate in a two-week "Rest and Relaxation" period prior to returning to duty.

I told you so. Another medal.

I'll put it in the medal sack.

Come on, Sonny.

Fine, it'll go in the lacquered cabinet I built for my medals with my own hands, on a special stand of its own, where I will dust and polish it every three days.

Okay, then.

He's going to learn how to be a good cop, too. And maybe how to walk on water.

That is a good point. Does he have some kind of issue here?


Snuff? AGAIN? If Lytton has some sort of time portal to the 18th century in it and you've kept me busy with all these traffic accidents and drug dealers instead...

Speaking of keeping you busy...

Yeah. It's getting to be about that time.

Whatever will I do without your constant commentary on my life?

I'm sure it'll be a trial.

An actual sunset, yet. Never let it be said he doesn't know how to end a game in style.

Will you be visiting again?

I think I've got one more time left in me.

I'll look forward to it. In the meantime, I've got something else to do.

Oh, Sonny? I've got a parting gift for you...

What's that?

Oh, you'll see.

Heh heh heh.