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Part 28: Too Easy

Those capsules have gotta be here somewhere. All we need is one set to turn the tables.
And if we don't find anything?
Like I said, they'll be here. Somewhere.

Go Inside

Place looks empty.
Hard to believe someone could just walk right in.
Where do we start?
My money's on our room at the back. Let's take a look.

Alright, so, let's check out the door lock on the back.

Look; Door Lock

This is the magnetic lock system for this door. This is advanced stuff.
Way more advanced than the DDS Room's lock.

How advanced? Not that much, because Hojo's ID is all we need. In fact, we don't even explicitly need to use it (which I think, frankly, is an oversight on the game's part.)

Open door

Here goes nothing. C'mon, baby....

It worked! Seems a little too easy, don't you think? According to the guard, you can't go in here without permission from Tokugawa himself.
You need to learn to relax, Ed. Let's go.

Look at this...!
It's a black poppy field.
Game over, Sadaoki.
We need to gather as much evidence as possible.

Look; Lights

They're not using xenon grow lights. It looks like they're using optical fibers to transport sunlight here.

Look; Upper Tiers

More fields up there too!
This looks similar to an auditorium.

Look; Upper Tiers (again)

They've got this set up in three levels. It's designed so each level gets the optimum amount of sunlight.

Look; Plants

These are definitely black poppies, the main ingredient of Narc. It's made from the sap extracted from its pods.
Look at their leaves. They're the same as the one I got from Lorraine.
These must've been modified through gene therapy and selective breeding. I've never seen one like this before.

Look; Plants (again)

There's no soil here, is there?
They're cultivating them hydroponically, meaning they can grow them in just a nutrient solution. They don't need any soil at all. What's more, Tokugawa lead the field when it comes to hydroponics.

Pick; Plants

Let's grab some for evidence.
Wait! They're connected to laser sensors. See them sticking out the field? Touch anything and an alarm will go off!
Son of a bitch! Look but not touch.
There's nothing else we can do right now. Let's keep looking around.

Look; Plants (third time)

Is this place automated?
It looks like everything's controlled by chaos system - humidity, temperature, sunlight.... It's all running totally by itself. They could minimize the number of people in the know and prevent human error. Look, they've even increased the carbon dioxide in the air to accelerate their growth! You could do multiple harvests a year under these conditions.

Look; Door in Back

There's another room at the back. Looks like some kinda factory.
That's a funny-looking door.
It's an automatic door built with intelligent materials. If the room temperature exceeds a specified level, a group of shape memory alloy springs pop up and the door opens. Basically, the door opens to cool the room if it gets too hot.
Lucky for us the place is like a goddamned sauna right now.

We've examined enough, says the game, so...

No mistake. The leaf I got from Lorraine came from here. Hojo must've smuggled it out.
To think they're growing all these right here on Beyond. Mad cojones. Poppy cultivation alone's a big deal.
I don't think that's all they're doing here. Let's check out the back. I'm betting we've got more surprises waiting.

Go inside

Careful. If this place is that important to them, you can bet it'll have security.
I'll be ready for 'em.
Without a gun?
I'll just steal yours.
Look, I....
Don't be. You let me worry about the shooting.
Thanks, man.
Hey, we all got our demons.
Let's go.

Wow.... This really is where it's all going down. Look! You can see the poppy pods being made into Narc!

There's a conveyor belt of pills in the lower left. Let's look.

Look; Belt

This is a completed Narc capsule. The inside's empty.
Unbelievable. This is definitely what I got from Lorraine.
The conveyor belt must take them to be boxed and shipped.

There's a screen on the left.

Look; Screen

Here they're placing the separated Narc liquid in gelatin and turning it into a capsule.
And the end result is a Narc capsule.
Right. Then for the final step, the mark that identifies the different capsules, the drug identification code, gets printed on. If what this counter says is right, they're pumping out several hundred capsules a second.

There's a big green dispenser over the right side of the belt.

Look; Dispenser

Before they do that, though, comes this. Here they're chemically separating the completed Narc into two. They get two capsule types as a result.
Everything on Hojo's CD was the truth.
The separate capsules offer no narcotic reaction on their own. That's the trick.

Look; Vats

Before they do that, though, comes this. Here they're taking the heroin created from the morphine and combining it with a hallucinogen to make Narc. You could say that's the secret behind Narc.
So by combining a natural drug, a synthetic drug and a hallucinogen, they create something with both the addictiveness of morphine and hallucinogenic properties.
That's what's so unique about Narc, and also the scariest part about it.

Look; Pool

Every last part's automated.

There's a blue-ringed vat on the right.

Look; Right Vat

Before they do that, though, comes this. Here they're extracting the sap from the pods. It has certain alkaloids used for making drugs like morphine and codeine. Then, by drying the sap you get opium. You can then isolate morphine from the opium.
You still remember all that from narcotics?
I got an award there, remember? So did you! What they're doing so far is the same process you'd go through to make normal opium derivatives.

(Note: This award is in Jonathan's office on Home, and examinable.) Anyhow, that's Kojima's "pre-requisite things to examine", so...

So this is their dirty little secret. From growing the poppies to making the capsules. We got 'em by the short hairs now, Ed!
What do we do? Try to shut it down?
I got a better idea. How does raiding the place with AP sound?
I wonder what the chief would say if he saw all this.
I'll just grab a couple of these.
What for?
A souvenir for Gates.
Let's go!

I guess they slept on it first, though?

You're looking at it, Gates.

The Narc capsule, K-9. We can finally nail Tokugawa.
How'd you get inside?
What, you think we knocked on the front door?

You mean you just... without a warrant...?
Chief, if I may. They're growing black poppies AND making Narc right here on Beyond. It's a massive operation.

You're not just gonna sit here, are you?
You're certain about all this?
Absolutely. Saw everything myself.
Alright. Well, it's been a long time coming. Good work for a change, you two. You coming?
Wouldn't miss it.
You can have your gun back, Jonathan. Consider this an exception.
Sure. Don't look a gift horse in the gob, right?

Alright, well, I don't know what this computer program does exactly, but there's a lot of windows and they're all about raiding Tokugawa Pharmaceuticals! Hey, let's watch a video of that!

(This video takes you through the end of the update.)

We're raiding Tokugawa Pharmaceuticals!

And I guess this part of the program shows you that the human goes in the mech, and how they combine into a piloted Advanced Police EMPS units. I like to think there were a couple Konami graphic designers who were like, "You want me to animate what? Why? Don't people get that the human would be in the mech, because- oh yeah, I forgot the game was made by that crazy guy."

I'm genuinely not sure what fucking war Gates is expecting at Tokugawa Pharmaceuticals of all places, but I guess whatever's there, about 1000 mechs will handle it.

Not yet. This is always the best part.

Not a damned thing wrong with him, either.

For whatever reason, this clip is included in a lot of the trailers for Policenauts, making you think the game has a lot to do with flying mechs. But no, it's really just drug busts and things lifted wholesale from 80's movies.

Coming up, we raid Tokugawa Pharmaceuticals.