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Part 29: Too Late

Note! This update ends with a video! Please spoiler tag events from the video for this page, so you don't accidentally spill the beans for anyone reading near the bottom of this update! Eh, a few posts are enough.

(It's not like a rule or something, I'm just asking.)

Here we are. This is where it's all happening. Lead the way, guys.

Go inside

Let's move! Right. Positions! EMPS A Unit! Secure the perimeter! EMPS B Unit! Remove flight units and proceed inside! Ready? Now!

Do we look like we came for the tour?
I'm Gates Becker, chief of BCP. We're here to search the premises.
On what grounds?
Suspicion of black poppy cultivation and Narc production.
Is this a joke?
We have a warrant. Show us where everything is, Jonathan.

Look; Door Lock

This is the lock system for this door.
Can you open it?
No, I'd think you could only open it from the security booth right now.

Question; Saito

Listen, you - now we want the truth.
What do you guys think you're doing?

Ask About; Narc

You've got Narc stashed away back there, don't you? Yeah, we know all about what's going on. Don't bother trying to bullshit us.
Are you guys crazy?!

Ask About; Narc (again)

Come on, spill it! We saw everything ourselves.
This is outrageous!
You'll regret that attitude of yours.

Ask About; The factory

What's that factory in the back for? What are you doing there?
It's a factory for producing drug samples.
You mean for producing Narc.
What are you talking about? You can't just throw around accusations like that.

Ask About; The factory (again)

Tell us the truth. What are you really doing back there?
I don't have to answer your questions. We'll sue you for this.

Ask About; The factory (third time)

You're better off cooperating, for your own sake.
Our president won't stand for this! Do you realize what you're doing?

This unlocks the next option, which wouldn't appear very helpful, but what do I know?

Ask About; Tokugawa

You afraid of Sadaoki?
I promise you we can protect you.
Protect me? What can you guys do?! You're nothing.

Ask About; Tokugawa (again)

What do you have to gain by covering for Tokugawa like this?
I... I don't know what you're talking about.

This isn't doing any good, so let's just try to:

Go inside

Open that door! Now!
That lock system is different from the others. I can't make the decision to open it myself.

Bloody twit. This is going nowhere. We'll just have to open it ourselves. Goddard A Unit! Make a path!
Who's there?
President Tokugawa!

Just the son of a gun we wanna see.
You two again? What the hell's going on here? I want this place cleared, Gates! You can save the apology for later.
I don't think so, Tokugawa. Mind if we take a look through here?
...I'm sorry? I'm surprised the chief of police would buy whatever fairytale these punks are pushing. This is your last chance. What's it going to be?

You mean this is your last chance. I'm bloody sick of your arrogance.
You forgotten everything I've done for you, Gates? Remember when -
Jesus, would somebody please shut this guy up?
Here's your warrant. Now... let's see inside this Narc factory of yours. Open that door!

Narc? Did you say "Narc"? I don't know what you're talking about.
That isn't gonna work, asshole!
Oh really? Fine. Open the door for the gentlemen, Saito.
But sir, what about... you know....
I don't care. Let's show these imbeciles what's behind here.
Are you sure, sir?
Of course. I don't mind.
Okay. I'm opening the door.

Please, after you.

Here it is, Gates. Look at all the poppies!
Poppies? You think these are poppies?
You're wasting everyone's time!
Calm down, Jonathan. Let's see what we've got here.
You know what to do, Jonathan.

We certainly do.

Look; Plants

Hey... wait a second!
These aren't poppies! They've been switched!
Do these look like poppies to you, Gates?
What's going on, Jonathan?
This is our artificial leaf we've developed to help combat global warming. It absorbs three times as much CO2 as its natural equivalent. We've kept it secret to avoid ruffling any eco terrorists.
That's ridiculous!
They were here 4 hours ago! They've gotta be around here somewhere!
Take it easy. Why don't we look some more? This isn't over yet.
Right. Let's keep looking.

This... is not going well. We unlock a new option.

Look closer

No! This is all wrong! Where'd the poppies go?!
They have to be here somewhere.

Look closer (again)

They're gone, they're all gone!
Chief, they were definitely here earlier.
So what do you think of our latest green initiative? I'm quite proud of it myself.
You've hidden them!
Hidden what? This is all we've ever grown here.
Why don't we check out the room at the back?
Right. Come see back here, Gates!

Go inside

The Narc factory's in the room at the back.
You're sure about that, are you?
Absolutely. They might've switched the poppies, but there's no way they could cover up all that equipment. Let's go.

Here it is, chief! This is the Narc production line.
Just where is all this Narc? Please, do show me. I don't see any.
Never mind him. Show me where everything is.

Look; Monitor

Here we go, chief. You can see it being made right here.
Are you two insane? We make DDS capsules here.
Stop lying!
Then where is it? Come on, show me!

Gates is going to start to get agitated here, and says they're going to have some serious problems if you don't find something quick. Sadly, you probably know where this is gonna go.

Look; Pool

What...? The pods are gone! There were mountains of pods here before!

Look; Conveyor Belt

Here, this is a Narc capsule.
That's absurd. That's K-9, our capsule that allows for uniform dissolution in weightlessness.
Please. Is that the best you can do? We know the trick behind them.
Jonathan, look! These aren't the same capsules! Look at the codes! They've been switched too!
What?! You son of a bitch!

What's going on! Where's the Narc?

You're sure this was the place?
Positive. I swear.
I take it this is over, Gates? Now... what are you going to do about this insult?
Not so fast, Tokugawa. We're not finished yet. I want this place gone over from top to bottom! I mean every inch!
Understood. All units fan out and search the premises! EMPS Units, use all available sensors!
Hey, hey, watch what you're doing, will you?

What is it?
Follow me.
Jackpot! Let's go!

Ladies and gentlemen...

Meet Kenzo Hojo.

Too Bad.