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Part 33: Escape

Welcome back. Now, in true cartoon villain fashion, Salvatore is going to explain exactly what's going on here before killing us. I mean, he is a tour guide after all. Salvatore, take it away!

(Note: This whole update can be encapsulated in video, if you prefer)

Welcome to la Luna, gentlemen.
Tokugawa's got you on a leash too, huh?
What's going on here?
I think you know. We obtain biomorts from Home and Beyond, store 'em here, then, through our network, sell their organs to the highest bidder. Nothin' compares to our product. We got a team of specialists seein' to that. We're doin' what no other organization could ever do.
What, organ trading?

they provide us with healthy bodies. Traffickin', kidnappin', murder.... How they obtain 'em is up to them.
So that's what's behind all the child kidnappings on Home?

The Narc capsules you two were so obsessed with? Just one way of payin' 'em.
I don't get it. Why grow the poppies on Beyond? You'd be safer doing it here.

They don't produce pods on the Moon.

G biology still can't offer a solution.
Hands are tied, huh?
Do you realize what the hell you're doing?!
Sure. We're philanthropists. We're doin' society a favor. So what if we make a li'l money at the same time? We need drugs and organs. We ain't capable of adaptin' to space. The darkness, the loneliness.... It don't matter how well trained you are. You always give in. You know what I'm talkin' about, don't you, Jonny boy?

And that makes it alright?

We'd be fucked without 'em. Then the cosmic rays, the weightlessness.... They affect our bodies, our genes.... We need organs just as much as we need drugs.

Look at 'em. Our spare parts. They're the cure for what ails us. It's one-sixth the gravity here. Perfect for storage. On Home you get bedsores. Then in weightlessness organs lose function. What better place than the Moon? After we extract and process a product, we mix it in with Lunar minerals, then off it goes on the mass driver.
The term "organ transplant" covers a wide area. We adjust the necessary product to the necessary condition, so it's ready for transplant after arrival.

are sent here.

We don't use biomorts solely for their organs and blood and whatnot. The elderly can be used for producin' hormones or as test subjects for new drugs.

We don't even need surrogate mothers no more. Hojo's here because he has a rare blood type we'd like to mass produce.

They never stop talkin' about it on the news. Nice market for us, huh? Say, Ed, if only you'd known about this you coulda saved Mrs. Brown.
A desperate need for drugs and organs. Ain't no surprise to Tokugawa. He seen it comin' first 30 years ago.
You really think he gives a shit about you?

When we went to Beyond as Policenauts. He approached us with a plan.

With his assets and BCP, Beyond would belong to us. Only problem was... you guys. You and your moral bullshit. You were the only thing stoppin' us.
Then... my accident?

Anyway, I don't need to tell you the plan worked. Nothin' you could do would make any difference now. Still, Tokugawa ain't too happy about what you done. It's absolutely personal.

Don't worry about your kids. We'll make sure they see their daddy again real soon.
Marc and Anna!
You know where Plato Crater got its name? From the philosopher. Then change a letter and what do you get? Pluto, the Roman god of the underworld. That other "Beyond". No better place for what we're doin'. And you're about to be our latest arrivals to this gate between worlds.
Damn! We gotta get back to Beyond!
Don't expect any help from him. He ain't got the balls to pull the trigger.

I feel like the Salvatore fight should be more interesting than it is. You've got a recoil gun in one-sixth gravity, and both fighters are wearing spacesuits, meaning one bullet alone should fuck up either of them.

But gameplay-wise, this is very similar to the biker shootouts. Sal will take cover behind the biomort containers on the left, and you've got to plug away.

Get him enough and he switches over to the right. He's harder to see behind the stairs, but otherwise, it's the same drill. In fact, in general, Sal's not much different than the biker. Yeah, I'm still pretending it might not be Redwood. What of it?

Get him near death, and as his last ditch effort, Salvatore runs to the front and just starts shooting. This makes the last stage of the fight easy. Just wail on him.

Don't be fooled when he drops to the ground. He stops, but he's not dead, and he's gonna start shooting again soon, so she just keep shooting.

You'll know he's really dead when your shooting UI (life bar and ammo) disappears.

Malfunction detected in biomort life-support system.

Malfunction?! Oh, I guess a gunfight around all this life support equipment wasn't the best idea. Huh.

We've just gotten revenge on the guy who fucked up our life, and conspired to kill countless others for use of their organs. Jonathan, you have a badass action movie line for this?


...Okay, not bad. I'll take it.

We better move. This place will be swarming with EMPS.
Let's go.

I got an idea.
Great. I remember the last time you "got an idea".
We can hitch a ride on the mass driver.
I knew it. That's one helluvan idea.
What, you got a better one? Let's head back to the Information Center for now. Move!

Coming up, we're going to the Mass Driver.

Ed, you sure about that idea?