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Part 40: In Which We Come Home

And for the last time, if you prefer it, this update can be viewed entirely as video.

No music. Just the title placard, for the last time. The following few lines are narrated by Karen, as part of the news.

charged with Narc trafficking, organ trafficking, and solicitation of murder.

according to officials the building is structurally sound, and Beyond itself will remain unaffected. In addition, the evacuation notice for surrounding areas has been rescinded. This current Prop is truly a reflection

Recent events have raised numerous significant issues regarding future space development. Following these messages, BBC will be airing a special report covering the entire affair.

You know....
Forget it.

Okay. I got something for you too.


This is the one part of the game where the AIC animators mispell Marc as "Mark". We did attempt to use the graphical overlays to fix, but it never looked right so there was nothing to do.

Call me crazy, but I get the feeling things are gonna be alright between you guys.

I'm going Home.
I see.

And with that, the title track rolls on in.

In Metal Gear Solid 4, there's a scene where Jonathan and Ed (characters in the game who are under Meryl's command) are injured. In the Japanese version, these are the same voice actors and they say the same lines to each other in both games.

The practices of the Tokugawa Group, which involved the highest levels of BCP, have left considerable challenges surrounding space development in....

how great it feels to be back following my leave of absence.

Thank you all for your support.

I don't know what to say.... Thank you. I'll always be with you.

P.S. You can't forget these, detective. Mom wouldn't be very happy.

At this point, the end credits roll on in.

If I have one regret on this project, it's that I never fixed them. The only reason you can't use pSX is that the end credits crash pSX - it's an emulator fault, though to be fair, Konami did do that scene pretty stupidly.

At any rate, pSX emulates the game perfectly otherwise, and it even allows for easy savestates if you're having a lot of trouble with the bomb, the Oberths, or the final shooting sequences. It made ROMhacking the game possible and I hate that I have to exclude it...

Because in pSX, it's impossible to see this movie without excising the credits entirely. Once they're done rolling...

The End.

I really did want to tell people in the README to not worry about the credits and just play the game in pSX and watch this last movie on YouTube or something. But you can't do that sort of thing.

ROMhack projects live or die by the grace of the companies who ignore them. Even doing a coding project with a cease-and-desist tied around the Sword of Damocles, it'd be dick to tell people not to watch the credits and all the people who worked on the game, you know?