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Original Thread: This LP was part of the Devolution 2007 megathread!

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Portal: Still Alive is a map pack based on the Flash version of Portal, a 2D adaptation of the game mechanics of Valve's wildly popular puzzle game. So basically, a 3D game was translated into 2D, maps were designed for the 2D version, and then translated back to 3D. Surprisingly, it is generally successful and fun to play, with a few exceptions that get slightly tedious and confusing. Valve apparently agreed, as it was released on Xbox Live as DLC. PC players got it as a free download from the designers. Still Alive adds three new traps to the game, although instant death and unforgiving checkpoints occasionally make for frustration. However, this is all made up for by the last few levels which are incredibly creative and a great surprise. And unlike a certain other map pack, there is no poor voice acting done by a pretentious frenchman.

Late in 2007 (or early 2008, can't be bothered to check), I hijacked an LP of custom maps for Portal. So it seemed reasonable to come back to it and do the official map pack. Personally, I'm doing this game because I really love Portal. I've always liked puzzle games, and it was the combination of the simple mechanic and great writing that drew me into this one. Everyone's already played the original (although I'll be doing that once I finish Still Alive), but the custom maps, when they work, are a great way to get more out of what was a very good but short game. That in itself was what I thought of as a 2007 LP; none of this bullshit about fame or superstars, just somebody having fun playing a game that they really liked. Maybe they weren't the best at it or the most interesting, but it was a way to revisit and enjoy an experience that you'd already had.


Still Alive: Part 1 Viddler
Still Alive: Part 2 (Viddler)
Still Alive: Part 3 (Viddler)
Still Alive: Part 4 (Viddler)
Still Alive: Part 5 (Viddler)
Still Alive: Part 6 (Viddler)
Still Alive: Part 7 (Viddler)
Still Alive: Part 8 (Viddler)
Portal - Episode 1 (Viddler)
Portal - Episode 2 (Viddler)
Portal - Episode 3 (Viddler)

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