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Postal 2: Paradise Lost

by Kadorhal

Part 7: Wednesday - 1/3

Today's an interesting day. We get to visit another area of Paradise, this time covered in snow.
We get to find various interestingly-placed snowmen and piss on them (though I didn't do that in this video).
And we get to meet Zack Ward, child star extraordinaire.

And we get to kill him.

Like I mention in the video, he's an optional encounter. You can continue gaining scraps from other citizens until you reach the 3000... dollars? Cents? Ten-cents? I think I got 300 bucks from his vault so I'm going with ten-cents. Anyway, you can continue asking people for donations until you get that much. It's long-winded and boring much like ye olde petition, but if you manage it you get an achievement.