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Postal 2: Paradise Lost

by Kadorhal

Part 16: Friday - 2/3

I've got to say, finally getting to do at least one errand around where the original game started is kind of nice. Especially since this one is in the nuclear-winter area, which comprises of some of my favorite places from the original game.

As for essentially going backwards through Habib's place here - I don't recall showing it off in my old LP of the original game, but that's a thing you can do there, too. It has its charms: some of the terrorists spawn behind you as you're leaving, the Dude makes his "what's that smell" and "did someone slaughter a goat" comments in reverse order, and with the addition of AWP you're often greeted by the site of a line of corpses and free weapons as Habib came to attack you and ended up triggering most of the other shoppers into attacking him because they saw him with a weapon.

I decided to try something a little different with noise removal for this episode (basically two passes instead of just one, if it works for visual quality then why not for audio). Let me know if you notice a difference that's making the audio sound worse.