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Original Thread: A Girl Solves Problems With Her Rock Hard Friend, Let's Play Primal



A Girl Solves Problems With Her Rock Hard Friend, Let's Play Primal

Primal is an adventure game originally released for the PS2 in 2003 by SCE Studio Cambridge and was re-released on the Playstation Network in 2012. I'm playing the original PS2 version.

The game itself tells a gothic tale of Jennifer Tate becoming a ghost in order to find her boyfriend with the help of a gargoyle buddy Scree. The notable hook of the game is that Jen will unlock the ability to transform into permutations of the denizens of the assorted worlds she visits. It's rather like Majora's Mask in that vein.

I've originally played this game several times in my formative years and really enjoyed it. I'm going through this game again with Jakale (who watched my original play), Arcanum (beat Solum years ago), and Anoch (never heard of this game). Along the way I'll find all the collectible tarot cards (28 in total) which unlock some nifty concept art and will display the cards below. There are also bonus behind the scenes videos unlocked during normal gameplay that I'll likely make as side videos as they're unlocked.

Videos will be entirely post-commentary with uncut footage. Updates should occur weekly.

Spoiler Policy
I feel the game went under the radar for a fair number of folks. As such I'd ask to keep discussion limited to the story as it happens.


EP 01: Ghost Girl Visits Solum
EP 02: Ghost Girl Gets Horny In The Temple
EP 03: Goat Girl Sees The Solum City
EP 04: Rock Guy Learns The Ropes
EP 05: Goat King Falls For A Girl
Bonus EP 01: Actor Featurette
EP 06: Ghost Girl Gets Wet
EP 07: Fishy Female Addresses Aquis Automation
EP 08: Fishy Female Says No To Crabs
Bonus EP 02: The Making Of
EP 09: Ghost Girl Visits Ghost France
EP 10: Ghost Girl Gets An Earful
EP 11: Wraith Woman Meets Prominent Figureheads
EP 12: Rock Guy Rescues Hasty Heroine
EP 13: Wretched Royal Samples Special Sauce
Bonus EP 03: 16 Volt Interview
EP 14: Rock Guy Is In the Volca Know
EP 15: Torch Chick Kicks Off Spartan Conditions
EP 16: Magma Matriarch Asks To Have A Heart
EP 17: Molten Mountain Gets Fired Up
EP 18: Rock Guy Reflects On Current Events
Bonus EP: 04 Game Trailer

Characters/Tarot Cards

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