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Prince of Persia 1

by Psychedelic Eyeball

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Original Thread: Prince of Persia (PC) - God, I hope that the princess loves me. (Video LP)



Welcome to Prince of Persia!

Having juggled between several different game titles to do a Let's Play thread of, I figured out that this game would be a perfect candidate for a thread. First released in 1989 on the Apple II computer by Jordan Mechner (and ported on many other platforms soon after, this PC version was released in 1990), this game really has everything a great game needs: it has a minimal story in order to set the tone for the game, a princess in distress, a prince (and lover) who happens to never die, millions of guards armed with swords, nasty deathtraps, and most importantly... remote gates that are activated by nearby touchplates. Really, it cannot get any better than that.

All jokes aside, Prince of Persia is actually a nice game, though. This is a difficult game, but it do have many elements to make it worth playing. Levels are usually filled with twists as well than many creative traps and layouts, plus there's the time limit element. This is what mostly defined this game. You have exactly 60 minutes to beat this game, and this is basically the only way you can lose this game. As long as you do persevere, you will get to the ending of this game. But of course, if you fail a level like crazy, you will be screwed and you will run out of time. It's all about practice and patience.

Let's showcase a bit what this game has to offer, in only four pictures (and words)!





You will especially see a lot of that last one in this thread. Trust me.

Anyway, let's get on with the business. This will be a video Let's Play thread, which means you will get to see myself getting killed by dungeon traps in live video, while I'm spouting profanities and talking about the game! I initially wanted to do a screenshot thread out of this, but I realized it probably wouldn't have been as involving for the viewers, so I'm taking the more risky video route.

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