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by Psychedelic Eyeball

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Original Thread: Prince of Persia 2 (PC) - Prince, stop getting killed. ARGGGH! (Video LP)



Welcome to Prince of Persia 2 - The Shadow and the Flame!

How could Jordan Mechner follow up a well-acclaimed game such as Prince of Persia? In 1993, many PC and Mac users were able to find out, as Broderbund published this brand new sequel. While the basic gameplay remains the same, the setting is not quite the same. As you have managed to triumph over the evil vizier Jaffar and became Prince, Jaffar is back alive somehow and frames you! As a bonus, the princess gets in more trouble! Can we kick Jaffar's face off this galaxy forever this time, or shall we meet with a terrible doom? You know which one is going to happen, of course. Both.

Storyline wise, this game is a great improvement over the original, and it has a more prominent use of cutscenes this time around. The graphics are a lot more detailed as well, you get many new places to visit... so really, what did this game end up lacking?


Prince of Persia 2 doesn't really bring many new gameplay elements to the table, so in order to be able to make itself discern from its precessor, the difficulty level has been elevated a couple of notches up. A lot of couple notches up. Even the early levels you face with this game are a bloody challenge and will tax your brain and fingers. They're on par, if not harder than anything which Prince of Persia could throw at you. Dodgy puzzles, annoying monsters, lethal traps at every turn... beating this game is means for celebration, as it is incredibly hard. Don't even consider playing this game if you haven't played the original. You really won't get far past the intro stage.

Let's have a sneak preview of what's going to await us in this harrowing sequel!

We'll fall down holes!

We'll break our necks through impossible falls!

We'll get eaten by floating medusa heads! Or whatever these things are!

I'm pretty sure this large horizontal hole has nothing going for it. Or shall it be?

So, you have Prince of Persia 2 in a nutshell. Pretty, but insanely retarded. So this is why I'll be torturing myself playing it, and in order to put your childhood nightmares to rest by proving that this game can actually be beaten. This is a video LP, so obviously, you'll hear me tear my hair in anger while I'll use the few amounts of sanity I'll have handy to crack jokes about the game! Let's get on with the program below.

All videos will be hosted on Dailymotion, since Google Video sucks dicks and won't allow any uploads as of the time of this writing.

Table of Content

Chapter 1 - No beggars in my kingdom! DailyMotion Video Download AVI
Chapter 2 - Skull Caves And Bearded Freaks Never Forgive You! DailyMotion Video Download AVI
Chapter 3 - Holes And Crossbones DailyMotion Video Download AVI
Chapter 4 - SPLAT DailyMotion Video Download AVI
Chapter 5 - Dangerous Vaults (or Forbidden Love?) DailyMotion Video Download AVI
Chapter 6 - Snakes, No Ladders, Medusa. DailyMotion Video Download AVI
Chapter 7 - BLOOD FOR PRINCE! RAAAAAWR! DailyMotion Video Download AVI
Chapter 8 - Which Color is Napoleon's White Horse? DailyMotion Video Download AVI
Chapter 9 - Get That Horse Off My Street (And Music)! DailyMotion Video Download AVI
Chapter 10 - Crushers and Cuddlers DailyMotion Video Download AVI
Chapter 11 - Little Birdies, Big Bastard DailyMotion Video Download AVI
Chapter 12 - The Power To Believe (In Prom Dances) DailyMotion Video Download AVI

Bonus Content

Chapter 5 Bonus - Psychedelic Eyeball versus MST3K! Google Video Download AVI
Chapter 12 Bonus - Psychedelic Eyeball versus Negro Phallus! Google Video Download AVI
Let's Play Prince of Persia 2 for the SNES... with slowbeef and ZZT The Fifth! Google Video Download AVI
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