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Part 10: Let's play dress-up!

9. Let's play dress-up!

Time for you to enter high society Lizzie! Shopkeeper, your cheapest dress please!
Here you go, big spender!
Dad... this is... this...

By the beard of almighty Odin!
I believe I'm blind, sir.
I believe I'm gonna throw up if I catch a look of myself in the mirror again.
Not while you're in that, you're not. Now get down to the palace and charm the pants off everyone.
Not literally.
...well, here goes nothing.

So? How did it go?
Oh god, I can't see!!


Sir, perhaps she could do with some help in the finer points of social etiquette?
Or she could just punch her way through the ranks of society!


The battle is won by he who is the most dedicated. Let's begin!
Good stuff. You're going into my expert class the next time we meet.


Actually, sir, I was thinking that Bartholomew could help the young Mistress.

Well, no need to brag about it.
Oh, its... you... Ahem, I will attempt to convey to you my knowledge of the manners and customs of the royal court. When human beings invented politeness, they evolved from barbarism to civilization. I shall tell you something of what I know about both ancient and modern forms of courtesy.

...then we set them on fire?
No, Lizzie.
What about after...
Lizzie, it is highly unlikely that you will be called upon to set anyone on fire at the Royal Ball.

What a feeling I AM MUSIC NOW. Bein's believin'. I AM RHYTHM NOW...
Love your enthusiasm, but please, stop and never ever do that again, dear.


Ready to try it again?
I'd rather be disembowelling harpies, but fine.

I apologize, but I havent the time to listen to someone as unmannerEEEEYAAAAAAA!
Back to school I guess.

Now let's see what that frog-faced jerk thinks of my little girl.
What frog-faced jerk?
Good evening, sir. I hope I'm not troubling you if I ask for a moment of your time?
Why, I'd be glad to talk to a lady like yourself!

Oh, and no hard feelings about earlier?
If you don't mind, I'll stew on my rage and extract cold vengance at a later time.
Th-that's not very ladylike.
Neither is a knee to the groin.

We've all been waiting for someone to take that jerk down for years!


Happy New Year!



*knock knock*
Who is it?

Daddy, can I? Can I?
Sure, why not?

--later, wandering lost in the desert--

My dad bought it off this man-pig travelling salesmonster.
Give you twenty bucks for it.
No deal.
Well, how about I infuse you with more power and charm than you can possibly know what to do with?

What I always wanted... MORE POWER!

The hip bone's disconnected from the... pelvic bone.

What's a limit?

Come back here, I haven't finished utterly humiliating you yet!


Oh no, help, HELP!
Oh please, I'm not even here for you.

My old nemesis...
Sorry, I just always wanted to say that.


I dont understand, sir. Why are you continuing to have her trained in combat? Surely nothing can stand in her way now.
You're right Cube... you don't understand. Don't understand at all.
Creepy, sir...

...but as you wish. Hmm, who could that be at this hour?

I am Paimon. I am a demon who watches over success and prestige. It looks like you've become quite popular in high society lately.
Gleee! I wonder what kind of loot you'll drop!
Whoa! I'm a friendly demon! I love successful people. You seem to have a lot of potential, so I dropped by especially to help you out.
Whatever, if I dont see any loot you're going to be a whole lot shorter.
Please don't kill me. I can raise your reputation. If you strive for success, I'll give you power to...
Power...? DO IT.

So. Awesome. Let's go try it out!


What are you doing here? This is the royal palace.
Why you, just you wait and see! THANKS FOR NOTHING PAIMON!


Lizzie works anger off by punching things until they explode.

'Now I am the maste...'
Please don't.

Hi, I've not learned my lesson from being completely humiliated the last four times I challenged you in public. Can we go for one more round?

Alright, but only for old times sake.

This is uncharacteristically paternal of you, Sir.
Well, sometimes, when you have a tightly-wound little girl capable of ending the world, sacrifices have to be made.


Go for it!
Good evening, your lordship.



Ugh, another month gone. Let's see what we can do about Liz...
I have her scheduled for more time with Bartholomew the Elder and Carl Fox. Also we're running out of money, so Lizzie's going on a trip to the north.
You're learning!

Oh for fuck's sake.
Sorry, sir.



I wonder why I never saw this place before?

Now that I've told you my full name, occupation and all the crimes I'm wanted for, here's 500 gold to forget all of that.
Papa always said that some people are too stupid to be allowed to live.

Hold still so I can smite you! NYaaargh!
If you bandits would put up a fight, I might develop a sense of satisfaction... Oh hello there!


Happy 13th Birthday Lizzie!
Awwww! You shouldn't have!

What's he doing here?
What, can't an old friend just visit anymore?
Not you. HIM.


Hurrah! Hurrah forever!
And who invited them?

...I'm fired aren't I?


They grow up so fast! *snif* Here's Lizzie at the end of April, 1213.

Oh, and because Heretic_Jones requested it.

Heretic_Jones posted:

i think she needs a dress that reflects her attitude, one covered in spikes and broken glass.

Happy now?